Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Digital High-Performing Mind

A high-performing digital mind can think logically, but outside of the box as well; do the right things and do things right. 

At industrial age, the performance is mainly evaluated via quantitative result, can you just take the order to do things right? However, digital means change, customer centricity, options and beyond.   The workplace of the new digital era simply won't accommodate a lot of your former beliefs about how your job and organizations ought to work. The game of work has changed! It has been changed for good reason, to fertilize creativity and create multi-dimensional values. More specifically, how does a digital high-performing mind think?

To effectively manage your performance in the new world of work, consider shaping a more adaptive mindset: Our perspective heavily influences your performance. Realize that some of your well-developed work habits may now interfere with your effectiveness. The more you struggle to apply former problem-solving and decision-making techniques to the new game, the harder it is to score.
For example, in an industrial age, leaders or managers are expected to have all the answers to the questions being asked; with the flood of information and new normal of uncertainty and ambiguity, leaders are more in the position to frame the right questions, and orchestrate the team to discover the solutions collectively. Knowledge workers have to spend more time thinking than just doing. and pondering both doing the right things and doing things right. Knowledge is only clicking away, creativity matters more.  Change your mindset, the way you frame things at work, your perspective, your approach, the way you process information and events. By making the mental shift necessary to play the new game, your work won't seem so overwhelmingly complex and confusing.

A high-performing digital mind is a purpose-driven winning mind: The high performing mind in the industrial age is that winning is the only thing, like sport; there's similarity, they both need to follow the rules and win gracefully, the best athletes are also highly talented, hard-working professionals. However, there are parallels here between sustained success in sport and sustained success in business. While success in sport can be achieved without good virtues or values, sustained success in business, in particular, relies on good virtues like business purpose and value, vision, professionalism, teamwork, trustworthy, empathy and loyalty. You might call these shared values or a belief system or a common principle. Look at your organization in a new light. What are their new values? As value is multidimensional, there’re economical value, social value, utility value, reputational value, etc. What are its most urgent priorities? What are the new realities for the organization and for you? How can you get ahead of the curve and engage the future? Consider what contributions you can make to add unique value--to the organization and for yourself as a leader or an employee or as a human? New thinking is required and, quite possibly, a lot more nerve. This is Performance Management in action!

A highly performing digital mind is a growth mind; You need to employ a life-long-learning attitude as an individual in order to keep up with the trend. With the shortened knowledge life cycle, you definitely need to adopt, change, learn new skills, and genuinely are eager to contribute to the new environment to the new realities facing your enterprise/organization. However, the real challenge is the leadership at the very top which should be totally committed to preparing & enabling the enterprise for the Change. Because work is different from what it was in the past, it is easy to believe that it is more complex. However, today's situation calls for new relationships - between you & your work & your employer will sustain & evolve towards maturity, only with the genuine desire of the top, by enabling participation and contributions from every committed person over a long time frame, who is eager to adapt to the change.

Most hindrances to a successful project or opportunity are the old habits -- the comfortable and static spaces were a success was once found or climbing the ladder by who you know, not who you are or what you know. However, future success in an ever-changing environment can only be found by stepping into the uncharted waters, feeling uncomfortable and relying on one's ability to figure it out, a pathfinder and value creator. A high-performing digital mind can think logically, but outside of the box as well, insightful, build contributing partnerships, solve the problems through alternative solutions, compete via uniqueness and win with purpose.


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