Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Gratitude Mind: Leadership Contemplation in Thanksgiving Day

Be grateful to understand others and be understood.

It is another Thanksgiving day approaching, regardless of which situation you are in, there’re still plenty of things to thank for, the sunshine, the moonlight, the season of changes and the abundance of information, etc. From a leadership perspective, what’s the breadth and depth of a gratitude mind? And how does it make the positive influence upon your surroundings?

Grateful for Insight: First and foremost, leadership is neither a title nor an acting, it is the mindset of forward-thinking and continuously progressive actions that motivate others to emulate. It is the day to be grateful for insight and wisdom, which are the invaluable treasures to warm the heart and fresh the mind in ultimate level, to cure the root cause, not only the symptom of problems. When it comes to giving, one must take some time to assess situations where others have given their time, treasure, or talent to help ourselves succeed or grow. There is no such thing as a 100% self - made leader. Thankfulness and giving are the key ingredients to leading. The more thankful an individual is for what others have done for her/him, One should reach out and try to do the same for others. The key to becoming a leader here is to make it as natural as breathing.

Grateful for Guidance: Start with thankfulness and giving in yourself; starts to answer the age old question 'are true leaders born, created from their experience of their environment or can leadership be developed'. Both are two of the few things in life, that when given freely openly, build and grow to more than one can imagine. Does poor, unprofessional and ineffective leadership deliver positive culture & structure, happy people and teams, generate love, gratitude, respect & a productive, healthy society on the whole or just the opposite? Regardless of status, title or qualifications, unless example one sets in their (being) carries respect, and gratitude towards others, how can one hope to be listened to, followed, or respected? The Power of Gratitude in based on leadership effectiveness and profundity.

Grateful for Empathy: Sympathy feeds the hunger, and empathy connects the world. Be grateful to understand others and be understood. When someone is sharing a thought with you, do you focus on what’s been told contextually and listen OBJECTIVELY with an open heart and mind. Be grateful for those who can truly understand you, empower yourself with the ability to deliver constructive feedback, guidance & support to those sharing with you, and if you want to avoid being gossiped about or judged, best make sure you are not gossiping or judging those around. As a leader, what changes do you need to make, to see the changes you would like to see in others?

Grateful for empowerment: Growing and empowering others is the gratitude mind for leaders. One of the most important attributes of effective leadership today is having the ability to grow and empower other talent people, give others the right things at the right timing, recognize talent via wise eyes, and build trust via intuitive heart, in all aspects of our lives and if we fail to do so, how can we expect ourselves or others to grow, learn and support.

Be grateful for being who you are, as every life is special and purposeful;
Be grateful for what you have, though life is like the moon, with full and wax;
Be grateful for what you understand, because it gives you the confidence to move on;
Be grateful when you don’t know something; for it gives you the opportunity to learn…..


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