Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Peaceful Mind

A peaceful mind is like a calm sea, open, profound, quiet and flow.

Compare to many other status of mind, a peaceful mind is one of an ultimate levels of thinking (or non-thinking), perhaps it is just like a calm sea, open, but not overwhelming; profound, but not intimidating; blue, but not means sorrow; quiet, but it is not depressing; and it keeps flow with harmony.

Peace is more than just a “Feel Good” Factor. Peace is the ability to connect with, and be in sync with creation. Peace is a complete reconciliation between one’s beliefs and one’s actions. Being at peace with myself, is when one’s thoughts, feelings and actions are aligned. How persons response to different kinds of unknown situations is different and how they internalize is unique as well. With consciousness and practice, distress elements impact can be reduced, thereby increase internal peace... It does not happen every day, but more often than it used to.

A peaceful mind is not a matter of doing, but of being. Peace is a reality achieved through proactively understanding harmony in the Universe; and a positive culmination of walking the talk. It is indeed remarkable how our feelings within translate into the kind of vibes we generate outside of ourselves too. Real Peace is living with no resistance. It is a state of effortless living. If they are actively sought, they are elusive. They are gifts that do not fall into people's hands easily.

A peaceful mind has high EQ and inner wisdom. One needs to identify sometimes with thoughts of fear, anxiety, anger, agitations. What is required is to maintain peace and after taking action with inner wisdom, let go the emotion instead of clinging to it. Mind keeps wandering and you become prey to the wanderlust. If you stop succumbing to this wanderlust, you shall be at peace.

Go deep within oneself to ask the right questions in maintaining the peace of mind. The reflection has to happen within the absolute depths of our being. We are all venerable. Life is having uncertainty, insecurity and ambiguity. Where is the security that we all seek? The vicissitudes of life are like the tide with up & downs; or the moon with wax and full. So the true test of peace is when you are standing on the verge of fall but still you are comfortable within.

A peaceful mind has the real enlightenment to unify mind and heart. Here is a profound quote: “Enlightenment is about learning what the truth is, taking the truth into yourself, and then helping other people to understand it. It is NOT about feeling good all the time. It is about feeling the anger when injustices are taking place to spur you on to right action. That is the role for anger. Most of all what real enlightenment is about is responsibility to the Truth. It is more than responsibility to yourself, it is more than responsibility to other people, it is more than responsibility to a whole civilization, a whole planetary society. It is about Responsibility to Truth. That has to come above all else..."

Peace and happiness are subjective; and it means different things to different people. We can achieve peace and happiness by being ourselves, by being authentic and being good. I am comfortable with myself...and therefore learning to be so with others as well. That makes the world a peaceful place as well.



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