Friday, November 7, 2014

Digital Mind Tuning: Winning with Purpose

Winning without purpose or value is the loss of character or integrity.

Winning has an interesting metaphor. It conjures up images of athletic teams grappling it out on the field of play. Winning a battle against the odds or overcome the challenges of trial is the symbol for winning.  Everyone loves to win, winning based on fair rules, via decent purpose or positive motivation, relentless hard-work and unique capability is the best thing to stimulate one’s energy, inspire individuals or the mankind move forward. However, business or life is not completely equal to sports, winning has other implications as well; not every winning is worth the winning if it lost the true meaning of competition and damage the very purpose of winning ahead…Winning is not just a primitive competition for survival in the animal world, but a positive energy to stimulate human progress.

Winning is accomplishment via positive motivation. There is nothing more satisfying than doing a job and doing it well. Set the goal and work to achieve it with passion and a sincerity of purpose. Achieving the goal is winning. Winning doing what you are passionate about is just the best thing that can happen to you!  There's an old saying; "That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger". And if it does you won't know it fear nothing. Do not just make envy on the winners, but weave your own net of capabilities to win.

Winning without purpose or value is the lost of character or integrity. In most markets, winning means that your company gains more market share and your competitor loses market share. Winning as a team on complex capital projects is overcoming substantial obstacles and challenges to succeed. At a personal level, winning is getting that promotion or performance bonus. Internal teams or individuals should be trained to win graciously and respectfully. They should be taught that a win via unprofessional way, or at the cost of another team member or group within the organization is not a win for the company, also it’s a lost for their own value and character. As a leader, you must maintain focus on the end goal or product. That is why values are so important in companies or our society, values that enhance respect, team work, trust... and that are part of the management practices and processes. The critical part is to make sure they are applied throughout the organization.

Win-win is possible. The purpose of business is to create customers, not just a bloody competition, which indicates win-win solution. This is accomplished by providing goods and services that will attract and keep customers, which in turn, provides jobs and more jobs. The goal is customer satisfaction and long term survival—win-win solution—The problem with winning is when it is an individual and not a team objective. Competitiveness is present everywhere, from our education systems to our businesses. In companies we still tend to encourage negative competitiveness between team members and it is totally counterproductive and contagious, and stiff the effort to build the culture of creativity. How to foster team spirit and really fight together for collective goals? To win as a team, an organization, a nation or an overall human society!

Sell the failure, and win with purpose.  Leaders like to win. Everybody likes to win. But authentic leadership shows in times of difficulties and challenges more than in time of winning and success. Winning may make one taste a moment of joy, but failure enables you perceive how deep life could be. Sometimes suffering awakens us to the realization that there is more than the form of (body, ego, mind) that we are stuck in and only when we become aware of our blissful presence=life= consciousness= intelligence that differentiates human beings from the animals in this earth, we become awaken and evolve as human beings, winning goes beyond the “spirit of animal”, to compete for survival, but a purposeful driver to push the human society forward.

A winning mindset focus on unleashing your own potential, either as individual or business, stay positive on the very purpose behind the winning awards, it is the energy to strengthen one’s influence, and it is the pride that highlight the color of your character. 


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