Friday, November 14, 2014

Is a “Misfit” Mind a Truly Digital fit

A Misfit is like the round pit cannot fit for the square hole or the running river just can't stay still.

Digital fitness is about the business or talent’s capabilities to adapt to the digital dynamic –the accelerated changes or over complexity, what’re the digital fitting mindsets? Are they conventional or out-of-box? Are they homogeneous or heterogeneous? Are they compliant or critical? Are they stereotypical or creative? Does the one being called misfit actually a better fit for digital thinking? So is a misfit mind a truly digital fit?

Dare to be a “misfit”: On the opposite, shall you fear if you are "too" fit in a stereotype - fear of being a misfit is closed mind to keep status quo. One has to remember that as each one of us is an INDIVIDUAL, each is a misfit in some way or the other. So being called misfit is really not alone, and perhaps a compliment, and more possibly, the misfits have the more advanced mindset and forward-thinking influence than the mass, and they are the real digital fit.

Uniqueness is a human being’s most valuable asset: The only person you can be is yourself. Accept yourself as you are and let others be who they are. We all want to feel loved and accepted and that is only natural, we all want to belong, and we sometimes seek approval. The reality is that not everyone is going to like us, agree with us or think like us! So it takes the time to learn to feel confident to be different, to be unique, to celebrate and be proud of who we are.

Wear the badge of 'misfit' as a badge of honor: It means you are not a sheep being led by the nose, but someone who follows your own lead! Misfit has a raw intelligence to think independently, creatively, critically or futuristically. Most creative people are off the beaten track with their ideas and that is what makes them unique and sought after. Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Artists, Musicians, Teachers, etc..all can be considered misfits...And more critically, such 'misfit' characteristic decides whether you are an authentic leader or a follower.

Pioneers were considered misfits: Many of them...and where would we be today without that spirit? Rebels without a cause are the need of the day. The world has too many stereotypes, we need more rebels, generally, not running after a single cause!! It's fear that stops you, and it takes many forms, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of rejection, and all that you have come to know. Sometimes you may have learned it was unsafe to express yourselves, and you have to relearn that it is safe to do so. But when you always play safe or you are afraid of being different, you may tarnish the character or lose creativity.

Either you are a round pit cannot fit for a square hole or the running river cannot keep still, misfit can be a real fit when time flows. Everything does and will change eventually; it’s the nature of life. Change is the only thing you can really be sure about, and digital-only accelerates such trends. This is the beautiful gift called life didn't come with any instructions, but we can remember that we are all in this together, all doing the best we can and that it is ok to celebrate ourselves, express ourselves, forgive ourselves, accept and most importantly to appreciate ourselves, and then we can also cultivate the empathy to appreciate others, understand others and enjoy the nature of diversity.


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