Saturday, November 22, 2014

Is effective leadership magical or methodical?

A great leadership starts with magic thinking (creativity, openness, empathy) and methodical process.

People have been asking if there is something "magical" or "special" about being a leader since time began. Just take a look at the endless debates around leadership substance and styles. Is effective leadership magical or methodical?

It is not magical, but good leaders make it look that way. It is much like top flight athletes - years of bloody hard work and constant practice so that the influence and execution is made to look effortless. Leadership is complex (not complicated) because one is dealing with people (not human resources) and ecosystem (not just business.) Leadership is simply the hard work of learning how to positively influence others toward collaboratively effective action. It means taking time to think before acting. Once you've acted, it means reflecting long enough to know what just happened, why it happened, how it happened, and how to replicate the narrow path to success while avoiding the broad pathway to failure.

Leadership is methodical, but there is some magic in there. Effective leadership is methodical, it takes hard work and endurance, but appears magical to the observing eye. Learning and practicing leadership is a methodical process that is improved by constant learning and practice. A good leader never stops learning. And a good leader makes it look magical.  

Best leaders are more often, like the magnet to attract the best, they may also have a magical behavior. First, all employees in an organization feel "attracted" by leader and have a wellness and harmony relationship to reach the objectives. Great leaders find the time to do the simple things right. Taking a step back before acting, and reflecting on the act, are the simple things one needs to focus on. But the magic happens when you can naturally do things like the instinct without thinking, and you create a culture within your team where people feel open to giving you feedback on how you lead, and vice versa.

A great leadership starts with magic thinking, be open, be creative and be empathetic, then work with the methodical process, practice, practice, and practice; to achieve effectiveness and high maturity.


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