Monday, September 4, 2017

The Monthly “CIO Master” Book Tuning: The Digital Ready CIOs Sep, 2017

The nimble digital technologies and abundance of information change how we think, live, and run always-on and always connected digital businesses today.

Compare to the other executive positions, the CIO role continues to be shaken up, refined, reinvented and re-energized. The magic “I” of the CIO title sparks many imaginations and modern CIOs need to wear different hats and play multiple roles. Here is a set of blogs to brainstorm digital CIOs’ multitude of digital leadership.


  The Digital Ready CIOs 

How Can CIOs Earn Their Stripe as Transformative Digital Leaders? With fierce competition and overwhelming growth of information, IT plays a critical role in building the business competency. Thus, the expectations for CIO have grown multifold, and they are expected to be visionary and change agent for business strategy and growth. There are different types of organizations at the different cycles in their maturity, the requirements of Chief Information Officer are also vast and varied. In practice, how should IT leaders shift their role from the tactical manager to the strategic business executive? And how can CIO earn their stripe as transformative digital leaders?

Digital IT Leadership Brainstorming: The “Paranoid” CIOs are Not Weak  The nimble digital technologies and abundance of information change how we think, live, and run always-on and always connected digital businesses today. The world is becoming smaller every day and as the consequence, every successful business has to sooner or later go beyond borders. It brings both significant opportunities and unprecedented risks for running the advanced digital organization. Thus, the CIO has become the critical link to run the successful business. IT leaders need to bridge the chasm between “the old’ way to do things and the new way to think and prioritize how to run a high-performing IT. CIOs have to spin many plates at the same time, should they be paranoid, and are paranoid CIOs perceived as weak??

CIOs as Digital Masters: How to “Right the Wrongs” in Digital Paradigm Shift? IT plays a significant role in the digital transformation of the business because information is the lifeblood of the digital organization and technologies are the disruptive force of digital innovation. The IT department provides guidance, direction, and business solutions in the application and adoption of information technology solutions in enablement of business objectives and catalyzing business growth! CIOs as IT leaders need to be able to recognize the struggles of the company by understanding the business beyond IT. The digital journey is perhaps not always going so smoothly, there are bumps and curves, roadblocks and pitfalls on the way. CIOs as digital masters: Can you predict what could go wrong, and how to “right the wrongs” in the digital paradigm shift.

CIOs as “Chief Initiative Officer”: How to Take Initiatives on Change, Innovation, and Digital Transformation: The magic “I” in the CIO’s titles implies so many things: “Chief Information Officer,” “Chief Innovation Officer,” “Chief Improvement Officer,” “Chief Influence Officer,” "Chief Insight Officer," etc. In practice, the CIO role should transform from a reactive IT manager to a proactive digital leader; from a controller to a change agent Thus, the CIO as “Chief Initiative Officer” has become necessary or even imperative to manage strategic digital alignment and orchestration from concept to post-implementation of all initiatives from the C-level to the front lines, focus on changes and innovation. CIOs are also quite eager and enthusiastic to drive challenging transformation initiatives, to reinvent IT as the information hub and the business growth engine.

CIOs as Chief Insight Officers: Three Critical Steps to Move UP IT Maturity: Digitalization disrupts not only the business boundary but also the industry boundary. Today’s digital organization is more as an organic living thing thriving at the expanded business ecosystem. Never before has IT and business been so closely tied together, never before has technology moved more quickly and missteps have larger trajectory impacts on every aspect of the business. IT has to move up its maturity from a reactive support function to a strategic business partner and even a digital game change. More specifically, here is the three level of IT maturity?

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