Friday, September 29, 2017

Brainstorm to stimulate Digital Mining

Brainstorming to stimulate digital mining is an important step to leverage information and collective wisdom to envision the future of business.

Many say digital opens the new chapter of innovation because digital technologies and social platforms provide unprecedented opportunities and convenience for people to brainstorm and collaborate. Brainstorming is a creativity technique by which a group of people can come up with multiple solutions to solve the problem creatively. Brainstorming can be made much more powerful with knowledge. There are "Stimulus Mining" areas that can help to fill the minds with information and then- individuals can start to explore from a much stronger point of view and create fresh ideas. Here are three “Stimulus Mining Areas” in brainstorm worth to dig through for accelerating digital innovation:

Future mining: As the saying is going, future is already here, just hasn’t been fully distributed yet. Future mining is always interesting and important: What will happen to your customer, your business, and your industry in the future? Future mining is to shape a clear vision. Vision is a future state of being, because vision makes you feel passionate about what is going to happen - the opportunities, and take the precaution of the risks. Future mining allows you to see possibilities before others, but they also need to tackle great challenges with grand consequences over long time spans. A visionary mind has the ability to think the past, perceive what is now and foresee the future. Through brainstorming to stimulate future mining, a group of futuristic mindsets can come up with a clarified vision on the strategy and direction of their business. Digital leaders today need to focus outward on the horizon for future opportunities and pitfalls. Those visionaries are the people who can step out of a conventional box or linear patterns, so they can see things further, mine future openly, and share their vision generously. Future mining helps the organization align the business reality into digital strategy, develop a purpose and future perspective, bring together people in a common and committed effort, and move people in the right direction despite many obstacles.

Insight mining: With overwhelming growth of information, knowledge is the invaluable commodity, but can be outdated soon. It’s important to keep learning, deepen understanding, and mine insight relentlessly. Learning something to gain knowledge often starts with the content study; to deepen understanding, you should capture contextual knowledge as well. Insight is the understanding of a specific cause and effect in a specific context. Insight mining is important for either solving business problems or delighting customers. Insight is being able to identify the root cause of a problem or the core issues of a situation which leads to understanding and resolution. Digital is the age of customers. Total Customer Delight is an index of total participation in the growth of the enterprise, directly or indirectly. It defines the degree of value ownership of customers in the enterprise. Customer insight mining helps the business understand their customers better, and ensure that the goal of “adding value to the company by adding value to the customer” is achieved.

Information and Technology Mining: What technology would we need? What is the trend for those types of technology? And now all forward-thinking organizations claim they are in the information management business. Information Management plays a crucial role in differentiating digital masters from digital laggards. The purpose of Information Management is to process raw data, abstract information from it, and then gain knowledge, and capture insight/foresight from the abundance of information. It is all about transforming information into business insight and intelligence which can instruct organizations to adapt to changes. Thus, information-based insight mining is crucial to bring both insight and foresight of the business. The digital insight is a sort of contextual understanding. Contextual intelligence is a higher-level of digital fluency.  The choice of what would deliver value requires an understanding of the business and create the relevant context to make a more lasting solution - without it, you are working without any boundaries, or basis for understanding what you are doing.

The digital ecosystem is complex and volatile, for complex problem solving, understanding context is often the first and the important step in enforcing understanding. Brainstorming to stimulate digital mining is an important step to leverage information and collective wisdom to envision the future of business, make strategic planning, take a structural approach and run a modern digital organization.


Brainstorming is just the initial step of generating ideas. Mind maps gives a meaningful picture to brainstorming. Mind mapping helps in many situations. It can be used for work, for organizing a personal or family schedule, for setting your life goals and of course, you can also do a case study analysis using mind maps. Find these mind map examples to be used freely.

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