Monday, September 4, 2017

Innovating Digital Workplace with Quotes to Celebrate the Labor Day II

Develop talent for tomorrow, rather than just hire for yesterday.

Digital organizations are always on, interdependent and hyperconnected, and people are always the most important asset in any organization before, today, and future. With digital paradigm shift, compared to a traditional industrial workforce, the digital workplace is more open to stimulate creativity; and the digital workforce is a new breed with a multitude of varieties - multi-generations, multi-cultures, and multi-devices. Here is a set of quotes as the “magic hammers” to break down the multitude of career ceilings facing many of talent people today for celebrating the Labor Day.

  • “Every authentic leader needs to mind certain gaps and bridge the cognitive difference.”

  • “A transformation often needs to break down the outdated rules, and a transaction is following the rules.”

  • "Develop talent for tomorrow, rather than just hire for yesterday.”

  • “Organizational democracy will begin to become a fundamental management practice to update the hierarchical command-control systems.”

  • “Creativity is a high level of thinking and intelligence.”

  • “Digital means flow: data flow, information flow, knowledge flow, and mind flow.”

  • “Digital age of business and world shall move up from apathy, to sympathy, to empathy.”

  • “Digital fit” should be first defined as “mind fit,” and then following with attitude fit and behavior fit.”

  • “Digital creates the new demand and dimension for global leadership mind-set.”

  • “Digital leadership must be extremely visionary, mindful, creative, empathetic, generous, conscious, passionate, and humble.”

Digital workplace is more flexible and productive, propelled by technology to affect where we work, how we work and at what time we choose to work. The future of work will remain “imperfect.” Still, empowered by the latest digital technology and omnipresent information, digital business reach becomes global, distance disappears and connectivity increases, the future of work is indeed more fun, purposeful and intelligent.


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