Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Popular Innovation Quotes Collection of “Digital Master” Book Series

Innovation is the art in the eyes of artists, the science in the eyes of scientists, innovation is the bridge between art and science.

“Digital Master” is the series of guidebooks (19+ books) to perceive the multifaceted impact digital is making to the business and our society, help forward-thinking organizations navigate through the digital journey in a systematic way, and avoid “rogue digital.” Here is the set of popular quotes about digital innovation, for conveying the digital vision and sharing the unique insight about the digital transformation.

“Innovation is to connect the dots - synthesizing that goes in one mind, and teamwork through collective insight.”

“Innovation journey is like taking a hiking trip at the trail very few or even no people ever went before, it takes courage and emotional maturity.”

“The innovation classification is not just based on the required investments, or on the potential market, but on its evolution abilities.”

“Innovation is a question of ambition, and imagination, not a question of investment only.”

“The very nature of open innovation is to take advantage of all sources of creativity in a more open way and make a leap of innovation management to the next level.”

“To strengthen the IT-business link, it takes more resources to doing innovation, not just IT innovation, but business innovation.”

“As a CIO, you need to understand what the organization’s expectation from IT through innovation lenses.”

“For IT, information management is fundamental, and innovation management is value-added.”

“IT has to continue to evolve the digital dynamic and reinvent itself as an innovative game changer.”

“A CIO as “Chief Intrapreneur Officer” has creative, logical, hybrid, and abstract thinking traits.”

Creativity is not a “thing,” it’s a process that happens as a proactive mental activity to a problem.”

“Many creative minds, just like many light bulbs, lit up simultaneously, could lead to brainstorming and breakthrough innovation.”

“The ultimate aim of assimilating knowledge is to create new ideas or gain wisdom.”

“Dissatisfaction with status quo is the psychology behind creative disruptions.”

“Creativity is a higher level of thinking because it often imposes a higher cognitive load as you think “harder” via different thought processes.”


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