Saturday, September 23, 2017

The New Book “Digital Fit - Manifest Future of Business with Multidimensional FIt” Conclusion: The Fittest Thriving in the Digital Era

Digital fit should be defined as “mind fit,” and then following with attitude fit and behavior fit.

The business today can no longer be running as a static organization which keeps silo thinking and extremely hierarchical structure, with command-control management style and order-taking type of employees only. Successful companies with multidimensional fit understand and lead with emergent digital trends either from the technological perspective or progressive perspective, they commit to transforming themselves into a fully digital business powerhouse. They are the fittest thriving in the Digital Era.

Strategic fit: A strategic fit company has a deliberately close alignment among the company’s strategic directions. Its most distinctive capabilities, and its products or services. These organizations have a prescriptive strategy to outline the areas where possible conflicting priorities might lie and outline how they are able to be handled in the organization in terms of resource allocation such as time, budget, people, etc. Strategies need to be first and foremost long-term, specifically because they are directional and need to allow for the organization to knock the rust off and move coherently in the described direction. The differentiated strategies need to be game changers, They are not just the organizations keep the wheel spinning, they are the business who is “playing to win,” not just trying not to lose.

Structure fit: In an industrial business setting, functional silos are generally constant barriers to business advancement and maturity. The best way to remove these silos and problematic handoffs are to replace them with a flat structure and shift overly rigid hierarchical structures into “network structures.” Organization design is the vehicle through which business strategy is executed and defines the environment in which the talent can unleash the potential and organizational democracy can be achieved. It is about engaging talented people to collaborate and achieve the goals they cannot achieve on their own. This process should be intensive and highly effective, enabling an organization to get all the right people in tackling a challenge from all the right angles all at once, which in turn results in the optimal solution.

Growth fit: Organizational digital fit means to well balance the fit (growth mindset, learning agility, differentiated capabilities, and accepted behavior) and misfit. (breakdown old rules or “old way to do things.”) Forward-looking organizations are also shifting focus from inside-out operation driven to outside-in people focus. Keeping digital fit means you need to do consolidation, integration, modernization, automation, innovation, optimization and manage digital transformation in a systematic way. Organizational fit, manifested in accepted and expected behavior, has a way of neutralizing differences. Customer-led business growth can truly create momentum for catalyzing business innovation and bringing high-performance business results.

The digital fit is contextual and multidimensional. At the high maturity level, organizations with digital fit have to stretch out in every business dimension for driving the full-fledged digital transformation in order to adapt to the world of business: Always “on,” volatile, fast, highly connected and ultra-competitive.

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