Monday, January 12, 2015

A Positive Mind

Only the positive mind can move the world forward.

The digital business environment becomes over complex and hypercompetitive, what’re the best and advanced minds to lead the business forward? A positive mind is on demand, why and what is it all about?

A positive mind can encompass a positive mental attitude: It is much broader than trust, empowerment, competitiveness and personal responsibility. A positive mental attitude can win professionally and elegantly because the mind is focused on strength, opportunities, and inspired actions. It is about being your best, not beating another in a negative way. The attempting to beat another puts the bar just high enough to beat the other, whereas your best can put your bar far higher. More specifically, what are the traits of positive leadership?

Positive leaders do positive things and make positive differences: The positive people see the bright side, they have a special mindset that... rain or shine.. leads them to positive outcomes. So, positive leaders are, or should be, those who are able to do positive things and have "that" special mindset that leads them to achieve those positive things and make a positive difference. Sometimes positive leaders are easily dismissed as "starry-eyed optimists" when really, they are the most forward thinking, but realistic people around. Truly positive leaders discern the potential within others while more pessimistic people assume "if something is going to get done, I'm going to have to do it myself." Positive leaders cast a picture of a preferred future for their organization, rather than becoming mired in a perpetual blame game of focusing on the past. Positive leaders want to achieve great things... but unlike negative leaders do not see those around them as obstacles but as the very vehicle of success. Positive leaders assist others to greatness by developing the talent within them. Positive leaders don't scold, blame, give excuses, rather, they stand resolute and keep their character strong during tough times.

The positive minds brighten the "shadow thinking & behaviors": The "positive leader" is characterized, basically, to know how to keep the rule transparent and express the trust. They practice empowerment (the extent to which individuals and teams feel they have the authority and responsibility to act), competitiveness (the extent to which people work together to ensure products and services meet customer expectations) and accountability (the extent to which each supervisor and manager feels responsible for the products, services, and well-being of the organization) just right. Obviously, points of view and the literature are full of suggestions on this matter but, precisely for this, there is nothing certain, final, to be negligible. The positive mind is just like the sunshine to blow away those shadow thinking.

Only the positive mind can make the working environment delightful, cast a brighter picture of the organization; trust others, also being trusted, seeking first to understand, then be understood, and move the world forward, not backward.


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