Thursday, December 3, 2015

Three Questions to Assess a Person’s Influence

A high-influential person is positive, full of insight, to convey and sustain influence with the continuum.

Every human being will make influences on the surrounding via his/her aura which is the distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, thing, or place. Influence is not only a critical leadership capability but also a quality every digital professional needs to build because digital is the age of people, every person has better opportunity to be a leader in his/her own domain. Here are the three questions to assess a person’s influence.

Are you a positive thinker? Positive thinking can move the mountain, it’s a critical trait in effective leadership and indispensable power to push the human world forward. Positive thinking is like the sunshine, brighten our surrounding, warm up one’s heart and mind; positive thinking means to be cautiously optimistic, to shape the world via positive will and freedom of choices. We have that choice each day to wake up to be positive or negative. the negative mind is mumbling around "it is impossible," but the positive mind is thriving to make impossible possible. The positive mind appreciates other's strength; the negative mind amplifies other's miner defect. The positive mind competes via uniqueness; the negative mind out beats others via unprofessionalism. The amount of energy expended for both is the same, but the results from the two are so different. Therefore, positive influences start from a positive mindset.

Do you have the insight to make influence sustain? Leadership is an influence. However, positive influence is very temporary from a leader who lacks vision and cognition. Insightful leaders can make a deep influence because their unique observation and clear discernment can touch the heart, not only shape the mindset. The insightful leader or digital professional has the influential intelligence and ability to influence peers as they undertake a broad range of crucial decisions involving the issues as strategy, branding, technologic vision, finance, talent management, etc. A mindset could be called influential intelligence if it can discover the patterns or inter-relationship among all those disciplines to make influence sustain. Insight is the cognitive understanding gained via the processing of information, applying knowledge, and changing preferences. These processes are analyzed from different perspectives within different contexts. Therefore, leadership influence is not about how loud you can speak, but how profound you could think.

How do you amplify leadership influence? Digital leadership amplification is based on the color of the character. Focusing on leadership style alone to attract the followers is, at best, a short-lived adventure. True leadership is a reflection of who you are at the core, your real character, from the bottom of your heart. Leadership is complex, and although it has many facets, at its core, the foundation of leadership is the character. There is absolutely no denying that. Methodologically, amplification of influence works through continuous delivery. Compared to the previous leadership style, digital leadership can not be defined by a few spotlight moments, but through the continuous delivery. Day by day should be assessed with competence, performance, potential, business results, and culture fit for the role. Leadership must be anchored to a full professionalism also made of personal qualities such as, independent judgment, critical thinking, professionalism and sense of responsibility and balance through which it becomes possible to earn the role of wise and guiding the organization in which we work and the respect and trust of others. Amplifying influence is dependent on the active coping mechanisms that you use to survive and thrive in a given set of life conditions, and in order for you to add value to people, you need to become more valuable. And in order to become more valuable, you need to grow yourself.

A high-influential leader and professional operate with the core principles: Authenticity, boldness, creativity, simplicity, and speed. They are authentic. They understand themselves and have a story to tell, they have an authentic leadership brand, they build on strengths, they are comfortable with themselves, they share their leadership philosophy, they build trust, they are positive, healthy and full of insight. An influential leader inspires and influences the team wholeheartedly to achieve the goal of the organization and develop you to your fullest potential. And a high-influential digital professional is positive, insightful and bring wisdom to the workplace.


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