Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Three Questions to Assess a Person’s Positive Thinking & Attitude

Positive Thinking and creativity are the powerful pairs to push the world forward. 

Positive Thinking evokes betterment and leads to the brighter future. What is Positive Thinking? It’s an idealistic realism, also the cautious optimism. It’s the value thinking and strategic thinking; it helps you conquer the current barriers in order to embrace the brighter future; it creates the energy and synergy in pursuit of the long-term vision and growth. What are great questions to assess a person’s “positive thinking & attitude”?

What is your understanding about Positive Thinking? It’s the mentality to drive positive attitude and helps you conquer the current barriers in order to embrace the brighter future. A positive mind can encompass a positive mental attitude, which is much broader than trust, empowerment, competitiveness and personal responsibility. A positive mental attitude can win professionally and elegantly because the mind is focused on strength, opportunities, and inspired actions. The Positive Thinking is using the mind as an empowering agent to live one’s life as it shows up. Positive thinking is also about value thinking, business leaders with positive thinking will deliver both social value & shareholder value consciously.

Which choice do you make everyday, positive or negative? We have that choice each day to wake up to be positive or negative. the negative mind is mumbling around "it is impossible," but the positive mind is striving to make impossible possible. A positive mental attitude is focused on strength, opportunities, and inspired actions. Optimism is looking on the bright side of a situation (external), whereas, being positive is looking on the bright side of all (internal) and reflecting that positivity outwards for others to benefit from and add to. A good positive chain of thoughts followed by positive actions brought good results. Incidentally, a single unexpected success suddenly triggers a chain of positive thought process. A person comes inbuilt with all the attributes, attitudes in his/her personal package. What matters is his/her ability to harness and leverage them and gain from it for the greater good. Ultimately, it depends on the person who faces a situation, how he/she understands it, how he/she understands him/herself, harnesses/leverages the right attributes within him/herself and moves forward. Also, he/she recognizes that failure, pessimism, negative thoughts are also very valuable, as long as he/she deals, learns and improves in the process by it.

Do you often compete based on your own innate strength and unique capabilities, it is about being your best (the positive way), or beating another in a negative way (unprofessionalism)?  It's very necessary to remain focused, mindful of the present and consciously develop a profound spirit of appreciation. Then you feel everything taking its proper course and going into shape. The positive mind appreciates other's strength; the negative mind amplifies other's minor defect. The positive mind competes via uniqueness; the negative mind out beats others via unprofessionalism. The amount of energy expended for both is the same, but the results from the two are so different. Positive thinking is the high thinking capability with capacity (inward strength) and ability (outward action) to reframe the experience of adversity: People with positive thinking convey strong will to make changes, and have a future orientation that makes them more prone to sacrifice immediate needs for future goals. And as important, they show a positive mindset about their circumstances to make the positive influence in their surrounding.

The business and our society should encourage and empower Postive Thinkers. The results from being positive are so much greater and provide greater benefits and leadership influence than being negative. Being positive is within yourself, reflects your personality, thought process put into action. The positive thinking & attitude can move the mountain! Positive thinking and creativity are the powerful pairs to push the world forward.


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