Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Strengthening Digital By Synergizing, Personalization, and Serialization

A digital transformation is an overarching approach that has to dig underneath of the surface of businesses and takes a holistic approach by synergizing, personalization, and serialization.

The digital paradigm shift has many dimension, it is not a single dimensional technological upgrade, companies need to embed digital into the very fabric of the business and explore digital management practices in a structural way. There is no magic formula, businesses that find themselves setting new and radically different trajectories are facing daunting tasks of navigating largely uncharted territories or diving into the underlying business processes and functions. It takes both strategy and practices to strengthing digital by synergizing, personalization, and serialization.

When jumping into the digital future of “VUCA” new normal –Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, you can’t predict every turns or curve the business will face, you have to enable the desirable emergent business property, either being called synergy or dynamic capability. Digitalization stipulates companies working together in a hyper-connected and continuously converging environment that provides structural analysis, and strikes the right balance of collaboration and competition to create synergy for making the paradigm shift. Business synergy creation implies the emergent organizational capability being built through certain business activities or process, structure or talent tuning. Cost saving is not equal to gaining in synergy. Synergy creation is something to do with identifying and developing core competency to get future ready. To create synergy, unlock performance and unleash digital potential, businesses need to fine-tune their organizational structure and business system concentrated on the cultural system, moral system, social system, IT system, other functional system and the holistic digital ecosystem. You need to envision the future trends and manage the two fundamental business cycles - balance cycle and growth cycle effectively to create business synergy and ride to the next level of organizational maturity.

Personalization: Digital is the era of people, option, empathy, or simply put, "personalization." Either for running the business or living the personal life, we expect that great personalization leads to the better understanding by designing tailored applications or solutions in real life. If traditional organizations like the mechanical system which were operated through linear logic and reductionistic management practices, perhaps work fine in the considerable static and silo industrial age. It has limitation to solving emerging problems in an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex digital dynamic. The digital organization is more like the living thing with its unique identity, in part because ways of doing business and customer expectations both tend to be more flexible than the siloed industrial age. Providing the personalized services or solutions to its customers become the new normal to run a customer-centric organization. The intention is to delight customers by presenting the differentiated solutions to make sure that the end user is getting maximum benefit from the content and application, with the ultimate goal to build a people-centric organization.

Serialization: The objectives of digital transformation is the management discipline that underlies all planning and strategic activities. It stretches out in multiple dimensions. Digital exploration is about planning, investing, designing, developing, operating, consolidating, integrating, securing, modernizing, optimizing, balancing, and orchestrating. The process, technology, culture, and capability tuning. etc, are all tactics to get the organization from here to there for adapting to the over-complexity and fast-pace of changes. Thus, Digital playbooks are the series, to guide the business managing changes in a structural way. They serve as the basis for creating right policies and evaluating performance and changes effectively, shaping digital leadership, enforcing cross-functional communication and collaboration, developing cross-industry ecosystems and innovation opportunities. The highly effective corporations need to embed the power of information in its fiber to weave business competencies, to ensure it is part of the digital mechanism and process to improve business responsiveness and innovation. Digital transformation takes a holistic approach and a series of actions, to leverage their various environments, or ecosystems, to accelerate performance and improve business maturity.

A digital transformation is an overarching approach that has to dig underneath of the surface of businesses and takes a holistic approach by synergizing, personalization, and serialization. Digital organizations are all about information savvy, adaptation, people-centricity, high-performance, and speed. Going digital takes multifaceted management disciplines and structural procedure to drilling down the critical success factors to reaching business success for the long term.


Strengthening digital by synergizing, personalization, and serialization is something you will be able to do as long as you take the right steps. To check this concrete driveways nz and learn more new tips about buildnig material. Instead of talking about some easier task, we're going to show that there are even things which are very challenging can be done with a higher chance of successful execution the better you carefully plan and manage these aspects that affect your goals.

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