Saturday, May 12, 2018

To Celebrate Mother’s Day: How to Bake “ABC” Ingredients in Digital Leadership

Leadership is a journey to continue to break down the old, and advocate the new.

Digital is the age of change and people centricity. Digital leadership is the state of mind, to continuously connect dots and catalyze growth. The emerging digital trend is the constructive disruptor for broadening leadership touch point and deepening leadership cognizance. Shall you bake “ABC” ingredient in digital leadership to achieve the next level of the leadership maturity?

Authenticity: The foundation of leadership is based on AUTHENTICITY. An authentic leader fills a certain gap or multiple gaps in order to lead to the future. Leading is only possible when you truly know yourself. Ask the big “WHY” question to discover your intention to lead. Becoming a leader is a process of becoming your true authentic self in all that you are today and "to be" in the future. Why do you want to lead? Which gaps can you fill? Why should others follow you? Being a leader takes one to have the eager to drive changes and a desire to do better than others in certain domains. Being authentic is the state of self-consciousness, self-discovery, and self-improvement via practicing and making leadership influence. They understand themselves and have a story to tell, they have an authentic leadership brand, they build on strengths, they are comfortable with their own skin.

Benevolence: Benevolence is truly about positivity, kindness, progress, and advancement. Leadership is about identifying and envisioning a worthy objective, and engaging people to work towards that objective. Benevolence leadership is about driving positive changes, achieving progressive goals, casting a picture of a preferred future for their organization, rather than becoming mired in a perpetual blame game of focusing on the past, keeping the positive energy flowing around, and encouraging both individuals and organization as a whole to make continuous improvement. Effective leaders have eager to change, facilitate progress and encourage innovation. With benevolence leadership, the organization or the society can transform vision into reality and become the true source of inspiration and motivation for success.

Creativity: Creative leadership is in demand for dealing with “VUCA” digital new normal and overcoming common human challenges. Creativity is an innate ability and the capacity to think and act beyond the boundaries that limit our effectiveness. Creative leaders not only exercise creativity muscle themselves but also inspire others to be creative and develop a culture of learning and innovation. It’s about creating new ideas or figuring out new ways to do things. Realizing that what has worked in the past isn't today's best solution and having the vision to see what it has now become. Creative leaders are also resourceful. That is, they have multidimensional competencies to formulate creative alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show versatility and adaptability in response to unpredictable or unanticipated circumstances.

Leadership is a journey to continue to break down the old, and advocate the new. Digital leadership must be extremely visionary, creative empathetic, dynamic, generous, conscious, passionate, and humble. It is imperative that bake these “ABC” ingredients in digital leadership which manifests respect, caring, trust-building and cognizance to be able to reach the leadership profundity.


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