Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Full-Color Spectrum of Creativity

Creativity is full of colors and has many dimensions, with multifaceted truth and myth, manifold knowledge and incredible imagination.

Creativity has many faces, the creative thinker is unique. Creative personality seems to be more colorful and paradoxical. Analogically, creativity is like a color spectrum, there are commonalities that are relevant to all colors which reflect the spectrum of light. Such a metaphor connects the dot back to the nature of creativity.

Blue - competency: Creativity is an innate ability to generate novel ideas, it is the differentiated competency. Everyone has the ability to create, but creativity is an inherent ability that cannot be taught, only developed. Creativity can be either an individual activity or a team sport, Individually, creativity is the most needed professional competency; collectively, many minds can create many creative and different ideas, to often amplify creativity. Creativity in the workplace is fundamentally about the mental production of new ideas - not just any new ideas, but the creation of ideas that are both original and valuable. The workplace needs to be designed to help employees at all levels within an organization develop their creative competency and exploit opportunities in new and innovative ways.

Orange - confidence: 
Being innovative is a state of mind. Confidence allows creativity expansion to full potentials. Generally speaking, innovators have great confidence. Because innovation is a tough journey with numerous roadblocks and pitfalls on the way. If you are not confident, you won't be able to convince others to follow your leadership and vision. Only confident souls dare to break down outdated rules and conventional wisdom. Creativity is nurtured by curiosity. A truly confident person ask more than answer; take more risks than avoid making mistakes. Failure is part of innovation, confident people are better at pushing themselves to the limit, exploring new possibilities and tasting different flavors of the life. Their enriched experiences may make them more confident to do more with innovation.

Yellow - Passion: Passion fuels imagination and triggers creativity. Creativity generally comes from people who are passionate about their openness and sensitivity; who are passionate about exploring new ways to do things or gaining new possibilities. Passion enables determination. Following passion requires a good sense of judgment that you are on a right path to becoming more innovative. The passion fueled by a good positive chain of thoughts followed by positive actions often catalyzes creativity; brings good results and makes a leap of collective progress.

Green - Freshness: Creativity is fresh and new every time. Creativity loves the challenge, with the courage to see the new. Creative thinking is the way to look at the “old” problems or situations from a fresh perspective that suggests unorthodox solutions. Many people live in their old thinking box for so long, their minds get stale. Creatives have the courage and emotional strength to step out and expand their thinking to trust the process of creativity. Engaging in creativity inevitably creates tension, conflict, and emotionally charged debates and disagreements because we need both control and predictability, creativity and change.

Red -Energy: Creative people are intellectually curious, and energetic. Creativity seems to be the free flow of life force energy and it is a wellspring we can learn to tap. Creative people are inspired to think and work nearly every day on creating and show abundant energy. Our mind evolves different dimensions of thinking, the multitude of thought processes and creates a kind of vibration around us. That enthusiasm, energy, and optimism stimulate creativity. When we keep minds flow, release the positive energy, out of this comes a beautiful thing, the freedom of choice and the plenty seeds of creativity.

Purple - Devotion: Creativity is often born in solitude. If you consider being creative as a way of thinking, of expression, of seeing things differently., etc, and then it happens every day, multiple times a day. Being focused can harmonize your brainpower with nature energy in stimulating creativity. If someone has the desire to be curious and involved in a situation, they are dedicated to discover new patterns or connect usual dots, their innate creativity will push them along to an extent and continue moving forward by taking a creative path.

Brown -Friendliness: It is important to build a friendly environment in the melting pot to inspire creativity and encourage free thinking and experimenting. Collaboration is a fundamental part of what ultimately fueled the inspiration and imagination to innovate! Collaboration does create a sense of belonging and build trust through listening, asking questions, giving and receiving feedback, as well as dealing with conflict or even constructively advocating a point of view. The friendly workplace uses the diversity of ideas as a rich source of connectivity and relationship, to harness all the spontaneity of interaction the group is capable of and provoke breakthrough thinking to arrive at creative outcomes that would be otherwise very unlikely.

White - Brightness: Being bright means more about the altitude to see further and beyond, the attitude to learn and grow, and the aptitude to solve problems creatively and make a difference. The bright people are often more optimistic and confident with a positive mentality, more inclusive and magnetic to attract even “polar opposite” viewpoint to stimulate creativity. Being bright is simply not just about “Looking bright,” but about thinking the bright side and coming up with more bright ideas. Being innovative is about figuring out better ways to do things or solving old or emergent problems creatively, to brightening your environment.

Black - Magic: For many, creativity is the magical thinking and innovation is serendipity. Serendipity will always play some part in the innovation effort, and there are plenty of stories over the years about great ideas evolving out of chance meetings, sudden flashes of insight, and sheer luck. Still, creativity is the muscle can be strengthened and innovation is the process can be managed, but it has to be done slowly, patiently, and individually. There is no template which you can apply and suddenly have a creative workforce. Innovation needs to lay out different structures, thinking, and solutions to allow this to develop into its potential where organizations are combining all that is available to them in imaginative and advantageous ways.

Pink -Playfulness: Creativity demands the possibility of the wrong in order to be exploring in a free and playful way. You need to have the level of curiosity, desire to learn, observe, with the natural ability to maintain an open and inquisitive mind and have a playful attitude to discover and experiment. Child-like playful thinking can produce novelty, because they have the beginner’s mind, and they enjoy experimenting and discovering, asking questions and exploring.

Creativity is a flow, an abstract, an imagination, and an association, or simply the unusual dots connection. Creativity is full of colors and has many dimensions, with multifaceted truth and myth, manifold knowledge and incredible imagination.


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