Monday, May 28, 2018

The Aura of Digital Hyperconnectivity

 Digitization amplifies the progressive business effect into modern society, unleash the great potential, and demonstrate the beautiful aura of hyperconnectivity.

Digital blurs geographical, functional, organizational, and even industrial borders nowadays, it is all about hyperconnectivity. Digital organizations become always-on, interdependent, and they are like the switches in the expanded business ecosystem, to keep information flow, knowledge flow, and therefore business flow, amplify the progressive business effect into modern society, unleash the great potential and demonstrate the beautiful aura of hyperconnectivity.

FreshnessThe beauty of the digital landscape is of fresh insight into the business. Things will go stale if not moving forward, therefore, the changing nature of digital business keeps things fresh. it's important to digitally connect key resources and assets in their vicinity or context to the resource-rich innovation hubs and clusters across the business ecosystem. Digital hyper-connectivity can foster dot-connecting for generating fresh ideas through the broader scope of interaction and collaboration. The beauty of digital is its freshness as the hyperconnected digital organizations always seek fresh ideas and explore the new opportunities beyond their own company, treat customers, channel partners, suppliers, and varying industry ecosystem participants as active digital agents who can brainstorm and share thoughts and ideas regardless of their physical location. Digital organizations also appreciate those visionary or pathfinder leaders or professionals who can come up with the fresh perspectives and envision the trend that others overlook or ignore, and be willing to forge ahead to satisfy the vision. At the heart of running a high-mature digital organization is a life cycle of refining information, generating fresh ideas, interaction, selection, leaning, deciding, implementing, and combining the modular capabilities exposed in a platform to create new experiences and expand its impact.

Openness: With blurred geographical, functional, and industrial borders, being open is the choice digital organizations must make. Because digital evolution only exists in the open-cultural environment. The hyper-connected business ecosystem can create insight and take advantage of all sources of creativity in a more open way. Instead of being rigidly grouped around a specific function or business, digital ecosystems draw together mutually supportive companies from multiple industries that collectively seek to create differentiated ideas and capture value they could not reach alone, collaboration & communities over competitions. Being open starts at the mindset level, decontaminating conventional thinking and building the dynamic team with open culture means how to look at something with the new lens, seeing an opportunity and acting on it, push teams to “think in the bigger box” and develop a culture of learning and creativity in the workplace. The multidisciplinary knowledge helps the business professionals not only work in the box but also across the multiple boxes, in order to approach problems through the multifaceted lens. The business management needs to be rejuvenated by practicing high organizational justice (trust); developing a participatory management style, enforcing positive organizational communications, breaking down the silo, and developing an open working environment to inspire change. They should broaden and envision the bigger picture of digitalization, be informative to act, be flexible to take alternatives, be elastic to scale up, and be resilient to recover from the failure.

Delight: Digital organizations are living systems with delightful characteristics and growth in nature. Delight is reflected in the expression of joy that overflows with aesthetic appreciation and abundant gratitude to NATURE- Nature is delightful! Digital delight has a multifaceted perspective of building the people-centric business. The delightful working environment is one where sharing and collaboration are the new normal, with idea-rich innovation hubs and community-based cluster across enterprise ecosystems. In practice, cross-functional collaboration to delight customers and engage employees is critical for improving the business’s long-term prosperity. Customer delight is the management approach to engage varying conversations and listening to outside-in customers’ viewpoint. It’s also the emotional imprint left on a customer who attributes the right, positive, and memorable feelings produced by experience to a business. Employee delight is about creating a positive and creative mentality to focus on problem-solving, autonomy, self-discovery, and creativity.

Human history is an evolutionary journey to keep advancing economically, technologically, and sociologically. Digital businesses become more dynamic and hyperconnected, the emergence of potential opportunities for exploiting digitization is likely to follow a nonlinear pattern as the pervasiveness of an organization's digitization journey increases. Interdisciplinary science should be applied to digital management which involves applied science and engineering, art and design, principle and philosophy, cognition and psychology, social norms and culture, group behavior and sociology, etc, be ready for moving to a fluid-structure, hyper-connected state and get used to the complex digital ecosystem and enjoy the aura of digital hyperconnectivity.


For as long as I can remember technology has always been evolving faster than society's ability to keep up with it. I prefer to check this house painters and get more things about walls painting. Today in 2017, the digital age is fully upon us and unless you've been living under a rock for the last 50 years you've likely experienced this “aura of digital hyperconnectivity.

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