Sunday, July 29, 2018

The Monthly Insight of “Digital Balance”: Five “HOW”s to Strike Digital Balance July 2018

Like running up to the string, keeping digital balance is critical in reaching digital aptitude.

We are experiencing the dynamics of the most significant business transformation since the industrial revolution. The majority of us will work in an organization that is somewhere between old and new; at both industrial speed and digital speed; It is more critical than ever to maintain the right level of digital balance. In fact, striking the right digital balance is a never-ending business life cycle.

      Five “HOW”s to Strike Digital Balance

How to Strike the Multitude of Digital Balances for Achieving a State of Dynamic Equilibrium Digital makes a significant impact on every aspect of the business both horizontally and vertically. Due to the “VUCA” nature of digitalization, change is unavoidable, firms that are skilled at managing digital dynamic can gain advantages in profitability, speed, business growth, and innovation enforcement. Organizations have to strike the multitude of digital balances which impact with each other in order to achieve such a state of dynamic equilibrium.

How to Manage Digital Tensions for Thriving in the “VUCA” Business New Normal? Companies today have huge pressures to survive and thrive in today’s hypercompetitive economic dynamic. There are business tensions between old and new; physical and virtual, silo and connectivity. Majority of well-established companies today are running at both industrial speed and digital speed. It's so easy to get stuck in the “comfort zone,”instead of adapting to changes and bringing advancing thinking and progressive activities to light. Business leaders and managers must contemplate how to break down those old thinking boxes, and manage digital tensions to thrive in the "VUCA" business new normal?

How to Manage Digital Balance Cycles Effectively Digital transformation is inevitable, it means the increasing pace of change and fierce competition. Organizations must keep the lights on and also make strategic movements all the time. Like running up to the string, keeping digital balance is critical in reaching digital aptitude. But how to manage the following digital balance cycles effectively?

How to Strike the Right Balance between “Keeping the Lights on” and Growing your Business Due to the limited budget and resource, most of the organizations, especially those legacy companies always struggle with keeping the light on and changing or transforming their business. Is “running a business” always your first priority, when is strategic execution more important than keeping the lights on? Optimally, how to strike the right balance between “keeping the light on" and growing your business?

How to Balance Both ‘Ends” and ‘Means’ of Employee Performance People are the most invaluable asset in the business, however, in many organizations, talent management, and performance management are dysfunctional, silo, quantity-driven and short-term focused, lack of holistic approach to manage performance, culture, and talent more effectively. How can you resolve performance issues by identifying the root cause? Is training the solution when there are problems with performance, and how can senior management, HR and middle management have the common understanding and agree upon the expectation and the “right” outcome, and shall you well integrate talent management, performance management and culture management to build a people-centric, high-performing, and high mature organization?

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