Monday, July 9, 2018

Three Digital Accelerators

High mature digital organizations are intersecting and interacting with its digital ecosystem and taking the multifaceted management discipline. 

Organizations large or small are on the journey of digital transformation, which is the gigantic puzzle with many misplaced pieces, you have to put them all in the right places to discover the true meaning and unleash its full potential. It implies the full-scale changes in the way businesses are conducted. Speed matters because it reflects the organizational change capability and directly impacts the responsiveness of the business - always “on,” hyperconnected, and super competitive. Here are three digital accelerators.

IT as the digital accelerator: The powerful and lightweight digital technologies bring unprecedented digital convenience for both living a modern life and running a contemporary business. IT is not simply a tool or mechanism to support business goals, it is a significant part of the business strategy and the digital accelerator to catalyze changes. One significant effect of digitalization is increased velocity, complexity, unpredictability, and a need for a faster response to changes in businesses and industry. Business initiatives or change today nearly always involves some form of technology or information facilitating for automating, analyzing, innovating, and improving business manageability and responsiveness. With the latest digital collaboration platforms and tools, organizations can enforce cross-functional communication and collaboration, boost social engagement, encourage behavior changes, inspire just-in-time collective creativity. It is excellent to bring digital technology as the accelerator to the realm and overcome the increased velocity, unpredictability and complexity. The hard technologies create a soft touch that people feel better about themselves, employees feel more meaningful about their work; customers are delightful, and shareholders are satisfied with business achievement.

The high-performance team as the digital accelerator: People can be either the weakest link or the digital accelerator. How they handle the change and digitalization depend on their ability to think, adapt, proactively plan, and execute. The high-performance team embracing visionaries, futurists, constructive critics, problem solvers, and idea creators, with well-mixed skills and a range of expertise and disciplines, will be more successful to catalyze innovation and drive changes. Hiring innovative leaders is an essential part of growth and being successful, but the real challenge is how to transform the existing workgroups, departments, and facilities into creative and high performers. The biggest reason most organizations are not more creative and adaptive is that the vast majority of senior managers simply don't know how to get there. To accelerate changes, digital leaders should both understand the psychology behind the change and the art and science of change and innovation management. Building an ideal digital workforce won’t happen overnight, it takes planning, experimenting and scaling up.

Culture as the digital accelerator: Refining the digital culture is crucial to accelerating change because culture is the collective mindset, attitude, and behaviors. Especially where there's reluctance in an organization, creating the business context where people can collaborate and they are empowered and respected to become the change agents or innovation champions. Inclusiveness needs to be well embedded in the business culture in a truly global organization, the beliefs, attitude, and behaviors need to be sustainable, so the key is to embed the concepts and practical application. People have no problem with change! They have problems with uncertainty, risk, and fear. Therefore, culture is the pathway to changes and digital accelerator. It’s important to leverage management tools (policies, programs, and structures) for creating a set of digital cultures such as inclusive culture, solution-driven culture, people-centric culture, or innovative culture, etc, which can influence the good policy-making, effective procedure-setting, rewards, and retributions that drive and groom accelerated mindset, learning attitude, and good behavior to create business harmony. 

The digital paradigm shift is the multidimensional expansion. High mature digital organizations are intersecting and interacting with its digital ecosystem and taking the multifaceted management discipline. People, information & technology, and culture are all digital accelerators to get the organization from here to there for adapting to the fast pace of changes and exploring the multidimensional digital paradigm shift.


Organizations large or small are find nearest kfc
on the journey of digital transformation, which is the gigantic puzzle with many misplace.

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