Monday, July 2, 2018

The Monthly “Change Insight” Book Tuning: The Multifaceted Change Management July 2018

Change is inevitable, organizational change has become a common practice within an organization, but too often changes are made as a reaction to outer impulses, crisis, and demands. This is the bureaucracy’s way of meeting the challenges. A digital transformation is achieved via dynamic Strategy-Execution-Change lifecycle management, though it is not all linear steps, but an iterative, ongoing and upgoing change continuum. How to spot your change champions and cultivate the culture of learning and innovating?

 The Multifaceted Change Management
Walk, Talk, and Make a Leap of Digitalization? Digital makes a profound impact from the specific function to the business as a whole. The purpose of such radical digitalization is to make a significant difference in the overall levels of business performance and organizational maturity. However, organizations are different, they have different strength, they have different cultures, they have different structures, they compete in different markets, and they have different scales. How can organizations walk the talk, talk the walk, and make a big leap of digitalization?

Three Dimensions of Changes for Tuning a Digital Organization? The very nature of digital is about change, and change is multifaceted with increasing speed and velocity. Change shouldn’t be just some random business initiatives, it has to fix an imbalance in those elements by involving executives in IT, operations, or talent management, and take a structured approach to manage three dimensions of changes for tuning a highly responsive digital organization.

Clarify Change and Digitalization through Inquiries Digital organizations today are more organic than mechanical, hyper-connected and always-on, in order to achieve the long-term business vision. They have to adapt to the ever-changing environment and make consistent improvement. It is nevertheless true that the change itself has become unpredictable and evolutionary as it was done even a decade ago. Change Management has a very wide scope and is a relatively new area of expertise. There are incremental changes and radical changes, business management needs to clarify change and digitalization through inquiries, set out goals and work at them in a systematic way.

The Two Sides of “Change” Coin? A changeable organization is to creating organizations where change is the norm and happens the whole time thereby delivering faster and increasing market share. Digital ecosystem has become more complex and dynamic, Change Management also turns to be more complex, and there is no magic formula to follow. For a company to move from one level to another change maturity requires understanding the two sides of the change coin and having step-function changes in tools, culture, leadership, and process.

Look Back and Look Forward to Leading Digital Transformation Confidently Organizational change and digital transformation are inevitable. As the matter of fact, the life cycle of business today grows shorter and shorter because of increasing pace of changes, overwhelming growth of information, and demanding of shareholders. The business transformation journey is full of velocity and uncertainty, thus, a clear vision is in demand. Vision is the ability to see beyond what is to what could be. It is the synthetic view of ‘looking forward,” and “looking behind,” “looking beyond,” and “looking around.” But more specifically, how can digital leaders today look back and look forward to leading digital transformation?

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Every organization has its own way of establishing values, concepts, norms and practices, and organizational should be fully aware of their work culture in order to implement Change Management Tools appropriately.

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