Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Ideaphoria: How to Build a Highly Innovative Organization with Constant Creativity Flow

 It is important to create conditions so that the ideas can flow and creative potential can manifest.

Companies have always had the flow of information, flow of ideas, a flow sufficient for the needs of the company at that time. The point is that, with increasing pace of change, what has happened is that the flow from "before" is perhaps no longer sufficient to address the business challenges of today and future. Ideas are crucial to business innovation, and innovation is critical to the business’s survival and thriving. To build a highly innovative organization, it’s important to make sure that your company has a steady flow of fresh ideas floating in the innovation pipeline and create synergy for innovation management.

Provoke breakthrough thinking: Creativity is the high level of thinking because it evolves many different thought processes such as dots connection, imagination, intuition, or pattern discovery, etc. It often happens at the intersection of conscious and subconscious thinking. Breakthrough progress often starts at the mindset level, and breakthrough ideas are shaped by breaking down conventional thinking box, broadening thoughts and connecting wider cross-disciplinary dots for coming up with novel ideas to create breakthrough solutions. It takes courage to step out of conventional thinking box and practice creativity. In a business enterprise context, the mantra of "there are no bad ideas" is often used as a catalyst to encourage a flow of ideas. Often, ideas are built on other ideas and that idea combination is a powerful technique, then having a big amount of ideas is a good thing as long as you then try and get the best attributes of the ones you like and combine them into solid ideas which can be implemented and come up with breakthrough innovations.

Harness spontaneity of group interaction: Innovation happens at the intersection of people and organization. Individually, the interaction between what is within us (the self), and how we project to the outside world is the bridge to trigger our creativity. Collectively, to achieve the digital breakthrough, it’s important to build an innovative workforce which continues to depoliticize working culture, dismantle bureaucracy, and harness group interaction for sparking creativity. Breakthrough innovation are often driven by creative people not only far-sighted but also well-determined to make their ideas succeed by challenging the rules of the game, connecting interdisciplinary dots, harnessing heterogeneous group interactions, or accelerating knowledge transfers. With powerful digital technologies and collaboration tools, organizations today can set up the innovation platform for empowering people to contribute and keeping the idea flow by breaking down silos or bottlenecks to enforce cross-boundary communication and collaboration.

Spot innovators: To develop a highly innovative organization and keep the fountain of creativity flow, it’s important to hire, retain, and recognize innovators who can help organizations catalyze the culture of creativity and create an optimal environment for innovation. Innovators present creatively disruptive traits, disrupt old ways, and inspire better ways to do things. Spot innovators based on how they think, their intellectual curiosity, and their ability to connect the dots. Innovators are often visionaries and pathfinders who can come with a foresight to envision a need that others overlook or ignore and a willingness to forge ahead to satisfy their vision. The unique traits of innovators include such as: open-mindedness, cognitive intelligence, learning plasticity, intellectual engagement, pattern discovery, ambiguity tolerance, high adaptability, or emotional intelligence for risk taking, etc. They can help their organization generate and share fresh ideas, explore new opportunities and achieve the impossible.

In an ideal digital workforce, empowerment is the mantra for developing the digital ready workforce and shaping a culture of innovation. It is important to create conditions so that the ideas can flow and creative potential can manifest. Ideologically, the highly effective and dynamic digital organizations have a multitude of positive characteristics such as the startup’s business culture, the institute’s learning attitude and agility, with the abundance of knowledge and expertise. Only in an open trusting space, creativity can be nurtured and innovation can be catalyzed effortlessly.


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