Saturday, January 24, 2015

A “Grit” Mind

Either being single-minded or persistent, grit is the very quality to keep you focused and discover a sense of purpose.

Grit is the “raw endurance, perseverance and passion that keeps you going despite obstacles.” GRIT boils down to resilience and single-mindedness, your mind is connected with your vision, your vision motivates you to keep focused, to discover the sense of purpose and achieve the ultimate vision to push the human world forward.  
Having grit by itself does not guarantee success but it's hard to have success without it: We need smarts but we need the motivation and grit to push us through to success. Most of the time people call goals unattainable because they have not yet been reached - calling them unattainable is unimaginative, non-creative, and small thinking.

A grit mind involves persistence: There is delayed gratification, being able to handle adverse and negative feedback, push through, and focus on a purpose, vision, and discovery of truth, etc. Some can have enough grit for a long time, others can only do it in bursts. the inclusion of "delayed gratification." Achievements that require GRIT are not easy one hit achievements. They require dogged persistence over time which inextricably involves a projected / longer-term goal/outcome.

Grit and emotional intelligence as similar characteristics: In breaking down GRIT to its components, it becomes apparent that they cannot be taught completely. Yes, lessons can have activities built in that require aspects of GRIT which likewise require multiple opportunities to practice GRIT, but that is not the same as teaching it. If you can't learn grit or the components that make it up, then you either have it or don't - and if that is so, then only certain people can succeed and others cannot if you accept the premise that grit is a very important factor at the heart of success. How can you practice what you don't know or can't learn?

Grit strengthens the strength; align with one’s purpose beyond thyself. It could be the very reason that we have the grit for some things but not others, it comes circumstances or for a season and not others or not when the season is over. There are underlying traits-- persistence, delaying gratification, ability to accept and use criticism, and a sense of purpose--which cannot be developed. No one learns the value of persistence unless there is an opportunity for persistence to pay off. Underlying grit is the opportunity to try and fail and try again. Delayed gratification works only if the delay is long enough to be meaningful. Having a sense of purpose requires believing in something bigger than oneself.

Either being single-minded or persistent, grit is the very quality to keep you focused and discover a sense of purpose; be passionate to pursue the vision; be consistent with who you are; be persistent to overcome the obstacles, and be resilient to failover.


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