Monday, January 5, 2015

Digital Master Tuning IV: How to Shape the Game-Changing Digital Mindset

Hire mindset, build capabilities!

In agricultural and industrial society, the muscle is the power; at information and digital age, knowledge is the power and your thinking decides who you are, what you see and perceive, and how you build capabilities and solve problems. And your mind is more important than your skill because the skills can always be developed via the growth mind. Being a digital master is not just an organizational level of pursuit, but an inspiration and aspiration for individual talent as well. In chapter 2 of Digital Master, we brainstorm 15 game changing digital mindsets and how to shape them?

The secrets to your professional success in the 21st century lie within you -in your mind and your way of thinking: in your ideas, your imagination, your energy, your instincts toward exploring, innovating, and pioneering. These powerful resources, together with your inherent ability to manage yourself, the position you to take advantage of numerous opportunities are to come. It is a positive human progress because digital means the abundance of information and choices. Although you can’t control every event of your life journey, but via the power of digital thinking, you can adapt to the change and cultivate the new capability more effortlessly; you can survive and thrive more depending on who you are, what you know and how you think, hence, digital is also the age of radical intelligence.  

A creative thinking enables you to look at your organization in a new light: What are its new values? What are its most urgent priorities? What are the new realities for the organization and for you? How can you get ahead of the curve and engage the future? Consider what contributions you can make to add value--to the organization and for yourself as an employee? A creative thinking also empowers you to solve the old problems via the alternative approach, an agile critical thinking emerged as a popular hybrid digital mind has deep root of creativity to criticize the old assumption and challenge the new way to do things.

An agile thinking equips you to adapt to the changes: As an individual you definitely adopt, change, learn new skills, and genuinely are eager to contribute in the new environment to the new realities facing your enterprise/organization. However, the real challenge is the leadership at the very top which should be totally committed to preparing & enabling the enterprise for the change. Equipped with such digital minds from top down and bottom up, the new relationships between you & your work & your employer will sustain and evolve towards maturity, only with this genuine desire of the top, by enabling participation and contributions from every committed person over a long time frame who is eager to adapt to the change.

An entrepreneur’s thinking enables you to take an adventure: Most hindrances to a successful project or opportunity are the old habits -- the comfortable spaces where success was once found. Future success in an ever-changing environment can only be found by stepping into the unchartered waters, feeling uncomfortable and relying on one's ability to figure it out -- think logically outside of the box, find contributing partnerships, and solve the need.

The good combination of complexity thinking and simplicity thinking: Because work is different from what it was in the past, it is easy to believe that it is more complex. However, today's situation calls for a new way of thinking and the next level of relationships and collaborations -- between you and your work, you and your employer, you and yourself. New thinking is required and, quite possibly, a lot more nerve. The complexity thinking enables you to think the problems more systematically and solve them more holistically; and simplicity thinking continues to optimize your thinking process, to make the solution simple but not simpler, smart but also elegant.

Here is the fun quiz to test your “digital IQ,”  learn from Digital Master to figure it out.

2. There are two “A”s in the digital mind code (the first letter of each type of digital mind), do you know which two types of digital minds they stand for?
A: Assimilation

B: Agility

C: Adaptation

D: Antifragility


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