Sunday, January 11, 2015

From Mind flow to Life Flow

Both mind and life shall keep flowing and growing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

We love water when it is flowing in a river and merge to the sea; we love the air when the breeze is flowing, and the cloud is flying; we love the thoughts when they are flowing out from our mind, and we love the life when energy is flowing all around ... So it is the flow that casts its glow, sparkling a radiance all around.

Life means movement: All you need is your choice of path and strategy with honest intent and work to honor your commitment. What if you are at a critical point or crossroad, which path shall you choose, to let the flow of life force moving in the right direction? Or even your life seems to be in a stagnation point, how about your mind? Just let your mind flow clearly, and drive your life move naturally.

When there is movement..there is circulation and energy. Continuous movement is what makes things happen, but, it is just like the water flowing up, continuous improvement is a tough journey. In every walk of life. Life is a continuous process and in this continuity flows the life force, and you keep flowing with the life force, you shall be alive and bubbling with positive energy.

The nature flow means you have to move and keep on moving towards your goal or purpose in life. Continuous movement in the desired direction will take you towards your goal rather than fastness without direction. Values cannot and should not change. They have been preserved through millennia and each one should play the part in preserving them to.

Grow not at the cost of others but surpass others with your uniqueness and strength: Life is good or bad. In the process of life journey never look back in dismay, but keep reminding yourself that where you are today is because of continuity of every step taken. Be your self, and be authentic.

Keep your mind flow so your life can flow as well: It is important to remain active all the time. Your body can sit still..but your mind can not. unless it is through a conscious effort (as in meditation). Active and stimulated minds always think better, and lively relationships always thrive.

The time is flowing, water is flowing, information is flowing, your mind is flowing, and keep your life flow as well. But one should keep moving and growing intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.


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