Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year Book Debut: Digital Master Tuning I

Go Digital, like a Pro!

Digital Master is only a click away now -Digital Master, yes, it is not a holiday entertaining book, but if you would like to do some holiday mind crafting, exercise strategic muscles to keep digital fit; go beyond the surface to capture multi-dimensional insight and digital foresight, then, you shall get this book, for new year brainstorming. It is:

  • A Guide Book to Debunk the Myths of Enterprise Digital Maturity;
  • A Bridge Book to Mind Industrial era and Digital Era;
  • A Play Book to Shape Game-changing Digital Mindsets
  • A Framework to Orchestrate Dynamic Digital Capabilities.
  • An Ongoing Book to write the new chapter of Digital Innovation.

1. Who is the audience of Digital Master?

“The primary attribute of Digital Master is its ability to appeal to all level of business reader. Most such books on the topic narrow the focus to a specific segment of business pursuit (commonly, marketing or branding) or a specific audience (typically managers or entrepreneurs). It's rare to see a book that seeks and promotes inclusion at all business levels and is directed not just to leaders, but to workers.” - MidWest Digital Review

Every generation has its own revolution -now we are all C-Gen: the Connected Digital Generation. Every digital professional and every organization has the opportunity to become a Digital Master; No matter you are Greatest Gen, Boomer, X-Gen, Y Gen, Z Gen digital professional; or which continent you reside in, what industry you work for; or which stage of life you experience, there are universal principles to shape the digital mindset, sharpen multi-dimensional digital visions, cultivate the culture of innovation, to become the digital ninja and master the digital flow  more effortlessly.

2. What is Digital Master all about?

It is neither a digital encyclopedia nor a digital entertainment book, but a framework and playbook to connect digital dots and bridge the difference between information age and digital era; between business and technology; between local and globe; between silo and holism; between now and future. It is also a digital playbook to instruct digital professionals to shape game-changing mindset in order to compete for the future.

Yes, it is a book with more than 430 pages, reading it is more like to drink a cup of coffee or tea, you need to sip carefully, do not just swallow it in the holiday season, but use it as a guidebook to navigate your digital journey in 2015 and beyond.

Digitalization is like a flywheel, and Digital Master are the one riding above it. Surf more Information about Digital Master:


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