Thursday, January 22, 2015


Systems Thinking is the thinking about how things interact with one another and get the insight of the whole.

Systems thinking is about patterns and relationships to describe how things interact and gain insight into why systems behave the way they do. Systematic Thinking is how to think methodically. Systemic Thinking is a simple technique for finding systemic focus.

Systemic thinking is nothing more than a combination of analytical thinking and synthetical thinking.The modern Bloom's taxonomy is more in the shape of a pie chart with equal slices of each of the words: creative, evaluate, analyze, etc. and that when you want to understand systems, you can start anywhere, go to another one, then switch to another, then loop back to the first one, and so on. You don't use just one skill at a time. Learning to use analysis before you can use synthesis is not using systems thinking or systemic thinking.

Systems Thinking refers to various system approaches - to different perspectives or interpretations of reality.  If you're considering something in its totality along with its characteristics as well as its interaction with its environment and considering its parts along with the interactions between the parts then you are doing Systems Thinking or thinking systemically if you prefer.

System Causal Analysis (or System Analysis), refers to the identification of cause and effect within system thinking models, and there are are two types:
(a) Based on a pre-existing system thinking model 
(b) Based on "convergent" thinking (from data) in the formation a systems thinking model of the problem situation

Systems thinking the approach should afford individuals to appreciate philosophy and apply mathematics to the social, economic, and material world for which they can participate to a greater degree. When you see yourself in relation to the whole the desire for a more productive and adaptive collaboration results in a growing instinctive and intuitive understanding.


I want to know which is correct systematic intelligence,systemic intelligence or organized intelligence,and why?

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