Monday, January 26, 2015

Digital Leadership Manifesto

Digital leadership transcends from the mind set to MIND FLOW!

Digital leadership is the capability and capacity to manage volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous digital dynamic in order to create commons to address challenges during digital transformation.  

Digital leadership goes Deeper over louder;  Global over local; 
from Apathy to Sympathy to Empathy;  
from Diversity to Inclusiveness to "Inclusiversity;"

Digital leadership requires multi-dimensional vision and creative communication:
        Positive influence over status quo;
        Continuous delivery over static credential;
        Problems Solving over bureaucracy;
         Creativity over Hierarchy;

Digital leadership achieves high maturity in pursuit of mastery:
              Character over Charisma;
              Authenticity over Perfection;
          Collaboration over Command & Control;
               Wisdom over single dimensional smartness.

Digital leadership makes the world round - as it is always to be.


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