Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A lightbulb - Like Mind

When “switch” is on, the connection is made.

For many, innovation is serendipity, even for the neuroscientist, human’s mind is still serendipitous, so the puzzle of such a puzzle would be: What’s a creative mind look like? Is it like a lightbulb (a classic analog of innovation), keep flashing or sparkling?

When “switch” is on, the connection is made.  If we look at the lightbulb, as a symbol of idea and creativity. The reason we have seen the light because the "switch" is on and the connection is made. A creative mind is just like a lightbulb, proactively making dots connection cross domains, cross knowledge and experience, cross the language and cultures; the more dots you have, the hyper-connected your mind turns to be, and the more creative you become, just like a lightbulb, you seem to be brighter and lighten up the surrounding as well.

The evolution of lightbulbs is just like the different flavors of innovation - Lightbulbs evolves, high-efficiency, compact fluorescents, the new breed of LEDs, development in living-organic bulbs... In that sense, they represent not only disruptive innovation but also ongoing incremental innovation. A creative, the lightbulb-like minds can flash on or spark up, some can be more inventive to generate the brand new ideas; others are more innovative to bring the new ideas into the reality and achieve its business values.

A creative mind has such “AHA” moment, just like the very moment when lightbulb switch is on -the transcendence from darkness to brightness. it is not the light, but the process of "clicking or switching" giving rise to "glowing." It triggers the ignition of the inflammable material leading to a series of effects. The spark of innovation would benefit mankind when the brainstorming, translating the innovative idea into tangible reality. Such an "aha" moment sparks the new beam of innovation light to see the things and the world differently and approach the problems with the new insight and foresight.

Many creative minds, like the firework, shine up the sky. Innovative or creative minds getting together, are just like holiday lights lit up, not for decoration, but for inspiration and brainstorming. Innovation is about working together, with a focus on sustainable competitive advantages. Taking the analogy further, the root of innovation is basically "an innovative idea" which when shared amidst a group of innovators, just like many lightbulbs lit up simultaneously, could lead to brainstorming, fine-tuning, refining and ultimately crystallizing into a realistic plan and implementation.  

It is perhaps one of the most widely recognized symbols in the world to analogize innovation as a lightbulb. So a lightbulb-like mind is not only warming up and sparkling on but inspirational, creative, communicative and active.


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