Monday, February 9, 2015

A Clarity Mind

Thoughts are deep, words are heavy. Without depth in thoughts, words sound scripted.

The very purpose of communication is to convey and clarify thoughts. One needs to understand the context thoroughly in order to derive meaning from the words. If the understanding is different from what was meant in the communication, there can be a breakdown in communications. Therefore, while communicating, you need to be mindful to ensure that the words have been understood in the same sense that you meant them, to reflect your thought….

The words are also selected on the basis of a thought process. You cannot change the way people perceive things unless you encourage them to change their thinking. Open the mind via adopting a more holistic and inclusive view.  It is the aura and charisma combined with the words to convey the thought. If the thoughts are backed by conviction, passion, and wisdom...then such energies would find a way to get expressed and reach out to people, in whatever words they are expressed. Even people who are deaf & dumb might be able to express their thoughts in some way or the other. It has an overall impact on inspiration. It reaches the heart. One might not have to depend on words...even sign language can touch hearts.

Clarity of thoughts brings clarity of words, to avoid “lost in translation” syndrome. ....or else one would be jumbled up with words…Simplicity in the language is the key to learning so that one can reach the deepest corners of minds of people where learning happens. Deep thoughts can be conveyed in simple words. Shallow thoughts require oratory words. Understanding from words comes from within sometimes from one’s weaknesses and other times from one’s strengths. All problems on this planet have arisen because words have been taken out of context, twisted and used the way one wants. Because each one chooses the meaning following their thought process; so do not just digest the words, but dig through the thought, the words are the symptom, but the thoughts are the root causes for solving humankind challenges.

There is a golden rule of communication: Clarity, Empathy, Creativity, and Effectiveness. It is not about what you say, it is what people hear; it is not what you speak or write, but about what you think and how to convey your thought fluently to minimize the chances of being misunderstood. It is only when you have to go beyond words and conventional wisdom, dive into the independent thought and critical thinking so that one is actually able to see everything as distinctly as possible, otherwise there would always be mingling and mixing. The purpose is simple, the words need to reflect your own thoughts, and you must learn to use words wisely and not just throw them away.

Education absolutely helps, but it is not a must for eloquence. Many people who could not read a word were very eloquent or master in creative communication. The link is between thoughts and articulation. A good vocabulary is a necessary, but not sufficient condition of eloquence. People with a vast vocabulary may not be necessarily able to express themselves eloquently. What is the Connect between Thoughts, Vocabulary, Eloquence, Expression, and Translation......
Vocabulary = how many words you know
Eloquence is how effective and pleasant your words can be
The expression has to do with clarity and is purely functional
Translation needs to not just interpret the word by word, but convey the right message.

Words are knowledge, but the wisdom comes through the deep thought and reflection......, One can give as beautiful words as possible through the knowledge acquired or developed, etc.. Giving meaning or going much beyond these words is purely thinking excellence, comes through wisdom & conscious efforts. Words are like beads which come in different shapes and sizes, they need to get streamlined well together to make the beauty of the artwork piece. Clarity of thoughts is not related to how many words one has to know, it is more to do with the sharpness of intellect and clarity of the thoughts so that one is able to see with distinction...Right words fall in place to convey the very meaning in an eloquent way.

We live in this world with a variety of mindset. Mind shapes who you are, words brand you with a personal style. Be a unique human being to make a difference via deep thought, and become an effective communicator by mastering the words both freely and cautiously.


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