Tuesday, February 17, 2015

How to Practice Creativity by Questioning

Creativity is a soaring factor in leadership and digital professionalism. 

As saying’s going: there is no such thing as a stupid question - ask and ask some more. A creative mind is more often inquisitive, ask many questions, the 'right' and the well thought out question is halfway to attaining the right answer. Creativity is the soaring factor in growing into a Digital Master.

Creative people are both problem finders and problem solvers: being in the state of flow is what all creative people would like to achieve because it is the most productive state, and always challenge your own thinking by asking questions which often lead to discovering situations others do not see at first. The challenge is perhaps that, this can earn you a label of being 'negative' because you question everything.

Observing, questioning, connecting, networking are the key steps in creativity. …Creative people ask questions, usually, questions no one else would think of. Frequently, by deep observing and relentlessly questioning, the resulting work of art becomes richer and more evocative for the creative inspiration the artist came up with. Your mind is connecting the dots and your vision becomes clear - so be sensitive to your intuition and listen to it. There are times when just going with the flow is more important.

Open questions seem to be the "best" ones: There are no such things as bad questions, however, some questions are better than others, open questions are better than closed ones; the big "WHY" question is always thought-provoking, following with "what & how" for reasoning, for example: Why do you doing what you are doing; how do you achieve to have good mental health in rough times, or what is your best way to get yourself out of a trouble you put yourself in the first place. The creative mind is questioning everything, and get good feedback loops running with your personal and professional contexts as well.

Creativity is the "soaring factor." Creativity is the wind. Creativity is the saving grace. We may ask the wrong questions, tell ourselves the wrong answers and creativity gives it all another chance to make it right. When faith and hope seem to be non-existent, creativity is the only thing that may hold some truth.  the analogy of the wind which is invisible but manifests in the auditory and visual senses. Creativity is just like the wind, invisible but made manifest.

Yes, some questions seem paradoxical, some questions are circular, some questions can not be answered, some questions seem not questions, still, there’re no such things as bad questions, practice your creativity by asking them meaningful questions.


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