Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Happy Lunar New Year of the Sheep!

Three sheeps bring three Ps: Progress, Peace, and Prosperity.  - Oriental Proverb

Here comes the Year of Sheep! The Sheep is ranked eighth in the cycle of Zodiac Animals, because the number "eight" is an auspicious one, symbolizing peace and prosperity. There is a popular oriental proverb: "Three sheeps bring three Ps: Progress, Peace, and Prosperity." More specifically, what can we learn from this Spring Festival:

Cultural Progress: Spring festival is a culture phenomenon. Culture is in a way of living life and reflect the progressive nature of human society. Because culture is a collective mindset and habit. Culture is a societal system where human beings are bound by a common heritage plus history of a region and therefore follow common values, thought plus behavior patterns, beliefs, languages, mode of celebrations such as living styles, festivals, rituals, fables etc. The study of culture in the narrow sense is the province of humanities, whose aim is to interpret and transmit to future generations the system of values in terms of which participants in a form of life find meaning and purpose. Culture progression means to continually refine the quintessential of culture, and eliminate its outdated or negative elements. Every Spring Festival reminds you of the fresh perspective of human progress, the color of the life and the theme and symbol of lunar new year.

Inner Peace: New year brings the new vision of hope, that hope in return is your inner peace, along with millions of others who will in their own way will find inner peace. When this belief to be happy with yourself first, that will bring happiness to others. Although the world sometimes looks bleak, but sometimes things need to get worse before they get better, from inner peace to world peace, hopefully the passing year was in the time of things getting worse which means we're all that much closer to things getting better.

Prosperity: Each culture of the world has its beauty. The occasions like Spring Festival brings seasonal blessing for the family, the community and the world. Living with your culture is not an option, your cultural heritage informs who you are as a person, your cultural root deepens you as an authentic leader; broaden your vision; foster your empathy; and harness your independent thinking, the enrichment of culture can truly make the world a prosperous place to live in.

May the Year of Sheep bring you the Progress, Peace and Prosperity.


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