Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Creativity and Incubation

"By believing passionately in something that still does not exist, we create it. The nonexistent is whatever we have not sufficiently desired." — Franz Kafka

Creativity is still serendipity, for both scientists and artists. In the case that it is a means to creativity, how do you reconcile intellectual isolation with ideological statements like "never stop learning"?!  What’s the specific way to stimulate your creativity?

How to provoke productive creativity is situation driven: There are examples of individuals in situations isolating them from other people, and their field of study, contributing highly original works. Is there something specific about incubation from social situations and 'mainstream' interpretations of a given subject that provoke productive creativity? Is this just how people who would otherwise still be creative behave? Is it a combination of both. Detachment is not necessarily beneficial to the creative process. It strictly depends on the person and their desire to allow creative ideas to flow and, in turn, make the ideas a reality.

Incubation is more accurate than isolation: Isolation is probably the wrong word because it implies detachment and a state of withdrawing from life and the world around oneself. Actors call it 'downtime.' Artists call it incubating. But these aren't isolation, more as incubation. Introverts get their charge from isolation, extroverts might get provoked through outside stimuli. There is a balance. It's not a one size fits all.

Environment provokes or hinders creativity fruits. Creativity is a talent & learning helps to shape up creative ideas; creative process fusion. One may need problems to solve, and rules - and another may be inspired by the loneliness to explore mentally and visually. The reflection is a long process and one’s brain works as a matrix computer with the data of which would be updated in real time; with memories, reference tables would return to one’s spirit according to the activity of such key.

Creative thinking involves peace of mind and a strong desire to see something happen. Life is up and down and lives with it. Peace of mind inspires creativity. Creativity is a way of operating and indeed, incubation stimulates it. The incubation supports the creative function of the right side of the brain over the analytically dominant left. Total immersion can be an opportunity.

What would Kafka (novelist) have said to Wittgenstein (philosopher)  about below?
If you are in a room and the only door opens to the inside?
If a tree falls in a forest? and nobody hears it?
If you are in a crowd and you cannot hear yourself?
If you are a fly in a fly bottle? do you get out?
Are your limits, the limits of the universe?
Knowing yourself is wisdom? Can you ever start knowing the world?


Your creativity forever links your old with your new world..a fresh approach.. a strategic review

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