Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Loving Mind with “Love Principles”

Love is harder than a diamond and softer than a flower!

It is Valentine's day weekend, what is love though? Does love come from the heart or the mind first? Is love inside-out or outside-in? Which color is love, is it black & white or is it colorful? Is love more emotional or logical? Is love conditional or unconditional, personal or universal? Many think that love is a type of heart-feeling, but what about a loving mind:

Love is a mindset. The feelings of love emanate from the release of neurotransmitters in the human mind/body field that make one "feel good." And one can release these transmitters by changing the manner in which you think. You can think good thoughts or bad ones and the ones you focus on are who you become. You can be an energy field of love or of hate or anything in between by choosing the thoughts you have. Love is a mindset.

If a loving heart is emotional; then a loving mind is logical: LOVE is the silent force that leads one from the inside, allowing one to always make the right choice in life. LOVE is the energy that comes out from the connection between one’s mind and one’s heart. Love is the source that will help the world change for the better...LOVE is the key that opens the door to the new reality that is arising.

Loving is missing pieces of the jigsaw puzzle. Love is when you find the tiny pieces of jigsaw puzzles that you were missing in your soul, inside the other. We’re all connected and all hold some missing pieces of the puzzle. We just need to free our minds and souls to connect the pieces together as beings. Love really has no boundaries.

Love is beyond cognition, it's the reality of meta-cognition; a sublime interplay between emotions and the underlying subconscious. Love is an immeasurable brain power source, that fuels one’s souls. That secret places within each of us, that none truly conceive its function and purpose. It drives one’s existence, it feeds one’s desires, it propels the strength to accomplish the extraordinary. Its loss can drive one to madness, blackening the soul, shadowing the heart.

Love is a kind of capability underpinned by brainpower: Love is the nature of truth, love is paradoxical - it has joy and suffering; tough and relaxing; soft and hard, logical and emotional; inclusive and exclusive; personal and universal. It comes in many forms, with the full spectrum of colors, and has four seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. True love is timeless.

The LOVE Principle is the very CORE to shape a high mature organization and a better society. The challenge is for 'change agents' to embed the "LOVE Principle" in practice across structures and within teams, to define holistically what it means in the context of their own operations, and to implement the approach for establishing the culture of empathy and make an influence on society as well.
L - logical: Love is brainpower and mindset.
O - optimistic: Love is thinking, hoping, and believing and doing what is good. For good attracts good...
V - virtuous: Love has no envy, with appreciation and acceptance.
E - equitable. Love is inclusive, empathetic and intellectual.

LOVE is holistic: not only sees the uniqueness of the person, the beauty of the person and the value of the person; more importantly, you can appreciate one’s difference or tolerate one’s weakness. Authentic love is not attracted simply by attributes or qualities of another person that might light a spark in you. You are not looking for a product that meets all your specifications, you are looking for a person as a whole as a being. Qualities are repeatable, they can always be found in someone else and to a higher degree. so if love is only based on the qualities of another person and then your love is going to go for the person who has those qualities. Such qualities will expire over time; then your love is going to drift somewhere else to look for these qualities. Love can last forever if you go beyond the qualities that you are looking for, it’s holistic.

Love is the bridge to connect minds and hearts. A loving mind following the “LOVE” principles is the strongest or perhaps the only power to brighten the world and harmonize human society. Love is universal.


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