Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Customer Satisfaction is…….

Customer satisfaction is to balance customer needs and company needs so that both the business and customers comes out the winner.
Every forward-thinking organization is thriving to become a customer centric organization, to fill out the blank; customer satisfaction is______.
Customer satisfaction is a solid, trusting business relationship, which results in customer retention and customer referrals allowing you to build a strong customer base.
Customer satisfaction is to create an unforgettably positive experience where the customer will be compelled to return and will also be proud to share that experience with others.
Customer satisfaction is to fully understand and identify the customers needs to ensure that you provide them with the proper products/services they require in a timely manner. This allows them to complete their task at hand with as little inconvenience or interruption as possible. Price is important but great customer service will nearly always prevail.
Customer satisfaction is to connect a product or service with customers who need them. The best outcome is a well informed satisfied customer who increases your bottom line with a sale followed by word of mouth recommendations.
Customer satisfaction can lead to customer loyalty;  however, the "good things" you get - fine quality product, good service, etc. - are often taken as granted at today's age of information abundance. So customers might go to somewhere else as well if they get a better promise. We are living in a world where competition for products is very stiff and this calls for new innovation on products all the time to maintain loyal customers.
True customer service is a function that allows good communication between the business and the end users. An opened communication that serves both parties resulting in a successful arrangement, when all goals are met the results are fantastic. The great service will only take you so far but does provide a foundation. The whole company needs to understand that it takes a lot of time to build a relationship; and consequently service from quality of product to delivery and invoicing must also be at excellent levels at being competitively priced, then customers will have no reason to even think of going to another provider. This also ensures more satisfied employees and a positive loop is created. Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are the two sides of the same coin to run a high-performing and high mature digital organization.


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