Monday, February 23, 2015

To Celebrate the #1600th Blog: A Success Mind

How we define success is like appreciating art, it's in the eye of the beholder.

The literal meaning of Success is "the accomplishment of an aim or purpose" (Oxford Dictionary). There is no ambiguity here; we are all clear of what "Success" means. Now, what is confusing is the term "aim." The definition of "aim" is largely influenced by other individuals in the news, in our organization - who have achieved their "aims."

Success is being “who you are -a unique you-there is only one of you.” This goes very well with the first belief of the success mindset which is: Success is personal. Most people don’t understand this and mistakenly pursue not theirs but other’s success. When they realize it, it is generally too late. The question to be asked is “Am I trying to achieve their aim or mine?” Realizing my aim should be my first success, and it can be as simple as reading a good book or writing a meaningful blog. And achieving that is another success. Thus, each day, each hour, each moment can make one successful. Of course if you get the opportunity to discover the purpose bigger than yourself, which benefits others significantly, that could make your success more meaningful and long-lasting. So being an authentic YOU is a significant success of life.

A success mind is progressive, paradoxical and multi-dimensional: Without success, human existence is wasted. The very purpose of human existence is to accomplish something worthwhile, continue to grow, and contribute to the success (satisfaction and happiness) of others. Success is both personal and shared; situational and earned. Success means different things at any given time depending on circumstances, it makes sense if you are looking for a circumstantial success, which is one time gratification or instant intuitive feeling of happiness. However, if you want to pursue true success (boundless satisfaction and universal happiness), which is lasting and peaceful, success seems to be also paradoxical, sometimes you have to be bent over in order to move forward; you have to make sacrifice in order to shape a solid path; you have to feel humbled in order to be proud; you have to stay cool in order to fill up the passion; or you just have to let the life flow effortlessly by staying focus on the aim as well. Success might just like a ray of sunshine, you embrace it, but you can’t fully touch it through.  

A successful mind can groom more success minds: "Success is developing others." Organizations are the vehicle of people, not otherwise. As a leader, success is also defined by the skill and ability of the people who can collaboratively achieve the common purpose. By taking the time develop and train people, share knowledge and wisdom, you are setting not only your own, but also your company’s success. Not only it provides you great satisfaction, but also is the source of your intuitive happiness. Since success is earned rather than given, this belief increases your own ability exponentially to achieve the goals much faster and better. So at corporate level, success is all about collaboration, team effort, synergy that brings business success.

A successful mind is a growth and discovery mind: Success mindset is a combination of cautious optimism, passion, and using the resources available to the highest extent possible. Success is as simple as taking the next step. Each step is a success. Once you see success from this perspective, you will learn to enjoy every milestone along the way. This makes the journey just as enjoyable as the destination. Although you might alter the strong beliefs in the wake of the traumatic or unexpected life experiences/events, nothing is accident, you can always learn to test the beliefs, or refine them. This will put you in a growth and discovery mindset so essential for achieving success in the rapidly changing world. What is required is humility to test your current beliefs and openness to learning. It’s important to separate the rewards from success itself. Success is merely the distance between where you are today and where you want to be.

Success is an individual's instantaneous mental state rather than a fact. It would depend upon many factors which differ person to person. Objectively, success is planned and considered continuous improvement in the life of self and others by increasing knowledge, insight and taking personally perceived right and justifiable actions at any specific moment. The targets of success are the wisdom and understanding of the strengths and abilities of powers of knowledge in reasons, objects, activities, actions, nature of struggle, service and construction of self to achieve success; it is important that we take such wisdom, and understanding as said; necessary from the glory, brilliance and the intelligence of the minds of the propitious world; those which give or indicate a good chance of success.

Success is more in the nature of a journey than a destination. Each step is an opportunity to move forward. Even going backwards can be seen as a learning experience. Success simply requires taking the effort to create a vision of the path you would like to take and having the courage to take one step after another. Success is fagile. The true success makes your humbled as it is bigger than yourself.


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