Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Self-Disciplined Mind

A self-disciplined mind has more awareness of thoughts and actions.
Discipline is the assertion of willpower over more base desires and is usually understood to be synonymous with self-control. (Wikipedia)

Self-discipline is nothing but self-consciousness. Internally, Self Discipline is about disciplined thoughts. Thoughts are single pointed and focused on whatever you do. We experience all kinds of situations good and bad in our lives that require moral courage to deal with. Self-discipline is what supports that moral courage and allows us to act in the right manner. Self-disciplined people have better clarity of thoughts and, therefore, do not get carried away by the herd mentality. They may exercise restraint while expressing emotions or may avoid indulgence because of better control over self/clarity of thoughts and not because of any weakness.

A self-disciplined mind has more awareness of thoughts and actions. Awareness is at the level of the energetic connection between Heart and Mind. Self-discipline is to deal with both positive and negative feelings or experiences with much more awareness of your own being and actions and thoughts. You sense yourself and that's all you need to let your thoughts and behavior work to guarantee you a balanced life. Without discipline, you do not manage to transform negative habits and you do not create a new state of awareness where the self is nourished through the experience of positivity.

A self-disciplined mind is good with some flexibility and fine-tuning to the circumstances. On the negative side, some perceive self-disciplined people inflexible and they always go in one direction because of constant practices, which is not always true. The mind when we adopt the discipline should be consciously trained even to some flexibility so that they don't get disturbed too much when they are supposed to be out of that and they need to be flexible with others. If self-disciplined people start expecting others also to be like them, they no longer remain "self" discipline..... the true self-discipline ought to be able to engage with any situation that one might encounter. Self-discipline is a great attitude when others are trying to get you "off balance.” It is about being balanced in thoughts and actions rather than following a time table.

Self-disciplined people are more influential because more often they can harmonize their mind, their heart, and their action, to put simply, walk the talk. People are still drawn toward highly disciplined people. People like the stability of knowing that a person they are following is consistent and reliable. These things must come from a disciplined mind and actions. Hence, discipline reflects one’s EQ and it’s a leadership quality.


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