Friday, March 20, 2015

The Reflective Leadership

What has to be enduring, and what will help the leader endure, would be AUTHENTICITY.

Leadership is about future, what's the future of leadership, shall digital leadership become more open and reflective? The reflective leadership is perhaps like the brightest lamp to come on, with positive thinking and cognitive outlook, and the acceptance of the state of the world not as a static equilibrium, but a continuing dynamic of vigorously opposite forces sometimes, for keeping balanced and continue to move forward.

What has to be enduring, and what will help the leader endure, would be AUTHENTICITY:  And paradoxically, the leader can only be true, or authentic, not by ramming his/her beliefs to everyone else, but to realize that he/she will have his/her truths, and there will be many diverse opinions of what's right, and then there will be the common goal. It is important that leaders first know themselves before leading others. If you know yourself, you are also better suited to tackle different challenges that will come your way as a leader; to make you think about what truly drives you as leaders and why. The more you are connected with what you justify as most important and place this "one word" or, in reality, the top three attributes (such as authenticity, creativity, and wisdom) at the core of leadership principles, the more successful you will be and the more authentic you will come across.

Leadership is a mindset: More realistically, leaders are on the lookout for change, not for its own sake, but for progression. “No” is as much of a decision as “Yes.” Leadership is about many words: Courage, inspirational, calm, open, honest, sacrificing. It’s hard to pick just one. The core of leadership is about bringing the best out in people; helping them to believe in themselves and to be the best they can be in the path they choose. Some choose to become leaders, some choose to work as part of the team as a follower. The leadership as a mindset is "simply complex." Those who can take the obvious complexities being identified and create a message so simple and clear that it reaches not only your mind but your heart.

Any individual who strives and succeeds to conquer oneself is a great leader. If we could manage ourselves "holistically" (aligned body, mind and soul), then it creates a huge mind space/power (with calm and sincere attitude in-turn humility) to tap our potential to look at things proactively & profoundly, and add external value which influences many to adopt our best practices to create more leaders. The one word to describe a leadership must be TRUE:
- True to believe him/herself and the people with whom he or she works;
- True in the meaning of accountability and reliability;
- True in the meaning of being sincerely felt, unfeigned;
- True in being thoughtful and empathetic;
- True in being righteous.

Trust: the one word that might best embody what makes someone a leader is 'Trust.' If we trust someone's opinion or talent in a certain instance, we will be more likely to follow. Earning that trust, however, does not come easily; it requires doing all those things identified previously. It is earned over time. But once trust is earned, it is transient, as is leadership, for it must be earned every day!

Either past, today or future, there's no magic formula for leadership effectiveness, because every era has its own opportunities and risks. However, reflection, progression, and innovation are a few leadership principles to groom the leaders of today and tomorrow.


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