Friday, March 6, 2015

Thinking about Thinking

When the neurons in the brain start clicking and connecting, the thought is created.

There are somewhere 80-100 billion neurons nerve cells in the human brain. It’s fascinating to explore the world of thinking and particularly now when neuroscience and attachment science have converged to explain so much about the human condition and software is being developed to amplify our thought processing capabilities. What motivates us to think? Why do people make the decisions and choices they do? What goes on in our minds in the build-up to the point of decision and then afterward?

Consciousness is an emergent faculty of the Cosmos. The everyday mundane reality is constantly constructed by our minds. As cosmologists examine the Universe at the largest scale, and quantum physicists examine the Universe at the smallest scale, it is becoming more apparent that our consciousness is the element that is there. This insight is convergent with Eastern philosophies going back millennia. Self and ego are simply organizing principles of our consciousness, an artifact. We are not separate from the Cosmos. We are both physically and meta-physically an undifferentiated part of it.

If we understand how we influence the picture we can collectively and intentionally create desirable outcomes/reality. Look at the picture of reality today, if we had the technology we could search the past for decisions, choices, and actions that have created this picture. it is collective unconscious collaboration. Getting a critical mass to consciously collaborate should turn the tide. Just look how technology has us chatting across the world, its on its way. With every decision, choice and action taken in the present moment this image changes, future reality is in a state of flux. There are millions of years invested into how we perceive reality, and to some degree, we are where we belong. the next quantum leap is our discovery of what we are truly capable of within the bounds of who and what we are. We have barely scratched the surface. What is the reality in the human context? If you press the 'pause' button on any individuals brain/mind and do a stocktake of their reality, it will be a mirror of the content - beliefs - self-image etc., the world is how you are.

The saying “necessity is the mother of invention” might give a clue as to what motivates us to think. Your mind started with a thought and continue to develop and thrive from thoughts piled upon thoughts so it’s quite sobering to think that the vast majority of these thoughts we have each day are unplanned and completely random. A clear mind needs to well sort out those thoughts into the very solution to make life better for our species. Further, what happens though when the needs are fulfilled? Do we stop thinking? No, there is always something new. Rapid absorption by the senses or high-speed thinking followed by slower deliberate thinking about those same thoughts is proving to be highly effective at generating actionable insights and innovative creativity. The eminent and respected psychologist Daniel Kahneman describes some of the mechanisms in detail in his book "Thinking Fast and Slow."

When the neurons in the brain start clicking and connecting, the thought is created; the thoughts piled upon the thought form into your mind; and when the mind keeps wondering and growing, it becomes who you are; so your brain is part of your body, but your mind strengthens you as a being...


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