Sunday, March 1, 2015

Time Management

Time Management is the life philosophy to build confidence, set priority, and boost creativity.

Time is the most perishable thing, it is not storable. Time does not wait for anyone, and it treats everyone equally. The person who is able to utilize the time wisely is rich and prosperous. Time management is not about punctuality and working to be and remain punctual has nothing to do with having time management skills. Then what is time management though?

Time management is a life philosophy: Time management is the act or process of planning and exercising conscious control over the amount of time spent on specific activities, especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity (Wikipedia). There are two factors that distinguish time from everything else are:
1) Time can never be reversed
2) Everybody gets the same quantity of time
3) Time continues to flow forward; you have to continue to catch up with it.

Time management skill harnesses confidence: The effective time management will definitely put you on firmness and infuses will power, confidence and dashing as to go head, accept challenges or calculated risks, also surprises, upsets, and roadblocks. Time management removes fears, the stress of pressures helps in planning well, helps not to regret, to differentiate between falsehood and truth; time is the cure for the sad memory, but it’s the hope for the better tomorrow.

Time management prioritizes actions: There are three components of action - the ones that need immediate attention, the ones that have to have a well-thought-out action & long term vision, and the ones you need not worry about too much. the time management skill helps you decide the course. The third may be either get ignored or can be delegated. The second you must make a good plan and pay attention to, as they are important. It also takes time management skills for the "immediate action,” to save time either via collaboration or delegation if you are the manager.
Effective time management boosts creativity: It makes you creative-oriented, mature, and generous enough to share the experience of the success journey. It makes one bold and sheds the fear of failure, lethargic tendency, and any inability that prevent progress. Time management is all about choosing to help oneself by being able to put in efforts only after you have prepared yourself to take and bear risks of meeting and facing challenges of fears and their beliefs that blind others.

Time management cannot be taught but can be gained through self-improvement; from the inner transformation of self. We need to be very vigilant about time. Life is so short and there is so much to do that we always wish that our day had more than 24 hours. The wise time management can make life more meaningful, creative, and productive.


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