Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Inner Strength Comes from Mind or Heart

 Success is when you find your inner strength.

Life is a journey. Stress and extreme circumstances will test us. Hopefully, we will survive. And in the surviving get stronger. Until you begin to look inside self to value the strength you never knew you had, you would ponder around: where does such inner strength come from your mind or your heart? inside-out or outside-in; should you focus on practicing the strength; or strengthening the weakness? From individual strength to collective strength, how to build a strong team?

We have the strength within, be self-aware: Be able to see our strengths and weaknesses without self-judgment is possible and healthy. As we begin to appreciate and love our own inner qualities that were perhaps not recognized before except in times of extreme duress. But often we need an outside incident or influence to help bring it out. Then again without that push, we may never need to know. We never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice we have.

It’s best to focus on your individual strengths and practice them: Learning is something that you find hard, but it has to do with your mind. Once you stop mentally judging yourself and do not allow yourself to be judged anymore by others, it saves a lot of worries and negative energy, that you can transform and use to simply be and improve yourself every single day in the area of expediting of your own choice. There are times when we do not realize we are so powerful until we create a situation for ourselves that tests us, we create it for the exact purpose of looking within to acknowledge the truth of who we are. Focus on practicing your strength, on the other side, you need to strengthen your weakness if it becomes the obstacle to stop you from moving forward. If you truly want to expand and discover the talent and strengths then nothing beats the ritual of us getting out of the comfort zone, strengthen the strength and work on the weakness.

The strength of the team: The team works as a whole with complementary strength is superior. One’s weaknesses will be covered by others - his weakness is her strength. So as long as you are aware of your weakness. it’s not so much of a weakness in practice, in a team context. The most 'dangerous' weaknesses are those you're completely unaware of. In addition to knowledge, a good professional should be able to exploit what he/she knows. He/she needs, that is, the right amount of resourcefulness and organizational skills, proper reputation with the professional community, potential customers and the general public, a prestigious network of knowledge with which to exchange information and experiences.

Success is when you find your inner strength. Our brains are working at full speed when it's time for changes when we get to a crossroad; your inner strength will bring you perception, persistence, and performance towards the path you take. But success is something intangible, an inner feeling, the spirit of growth, positive emotions, excellence by choices, respect for all in life, experiences growing up, to earn the trust and respect of the people, always looking for the best in others, doing something bigger than self; being wiser when growing older, these are some components of success.


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