Friday, March 27, 2015

Think Growth, Think Hybrid Cloud

The real challenge is to manage the various environments to best business benefit.

More and more organizations are reaping the benefit from their “cloudification” journey, especially, many enterprises have started realizing the benefits of deploying hybrid cloud models to save time and provide the agility needed to speed up core IT services in an adaptation of business dynamic. What are the real challenges for cloud migration and such IT transformation? Shall IT take such digital mantra: Think growth, think hybrid cloud?

Embracing cloud journey is a must to do item on IT transformation agenda. It is inevitable that you will end up with a hybrid cloud environment for your applications and solutions. It would be surprised to hear of a senior IT manager who is not using a hybrid environment to some extent, but it has become clear, that to feel confident in doing this requires confidence and trust in your infrastructure. Hence, migration strategy is very important, you must find the key point to break for the pilot, which is not only thinking the business outcome, cost, GRC, but also thinking technology complexity, organization readiness, supplier and so on.

The real challenge is to manage the various environments to best business benefit - knowing when to use the cloud or your own resources according to the task, risk, etc. Getting these skills into your team - either by development or by recruitment - is the key to making it really work. In turn, IT partners need to develop these skills better so a managed and secure hybrid environment becomes a viable sourcing option, allowing businesses to better focus on their core business, moving their focus away from infrastructure to the solution. Lastly, ensure the legacy is built as a platform (X-as-a-Service) that supports projects by providing capabilities that project can leverage rather than build their own. This will reduce infrastructure (legacy) spend in projects, and ensuring IT investment is focused on building new growth capability, not just adding capacity.

“Think Growth, Think hybrid cloud”
: Hybrid cloud is the model which will suit most enterprises. They will, however, need to decide how much control they cede to vendors and where they set their risk management perimeter accordingly. The reality is not yet dawned on many IT managers that cloud computing is a path to growth. Even though that business is constantly seeking new flexible tools that total exceeds what the available arms and legs can provide. Cloud computing and specifically "Hybrid cloud" can and should do that, save time and improve IT agility, shift focus to what's differentiating to the business, the "what" value and IT services rather than "how" to do it. However, It can be tricky, implementation of Hybrid Cloud computing solutions and services can be time-consuming during implementation and at the beginning, there's still a lack of full documentation and qualified partners.

Cloud is the trend, but either hybrid or not, it’s not IT panacea, IT leaders have to build overarching, solid cloud strategy first and push the cloud envelope step by step, always keep the end in mind, to improve customer/user satisfaction and IT agility.


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