Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Leadership Vision: Do you have one?

Leadership vision is built on leaders’ authenticity.

Leadership is about the future, leadership vision is not just about zooming in, but also stepping into the future, to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow; local and global, industrial age and digital era, the mind and the behavior. More specifically, what is leadership vision, do you have one?

Leadership vision is built on leaders’ authenticity: Leadership is fundamentally about telling the truth of who we are as individuals and in relationship to each other. When we can create a space where trust is a foregone conclusion, then individuals and teams will take ownership of their own work. In this way, we begin to see ourselves as the authors of our own experience & life stories and enter into collaboration with the co-workers, the organization and the communities it serves, not because we are told to, but because that is how we create meaning, sometimes even bigger than ourselves. This process is fundamentally an act of trust, mutual respect, and cooperation to achieve the organizational vision.

Leadership vision is to serve as an enabler: To clear the path, whether that be the elimination of obstacles or to provide coaching and guidance - so that the talent employees are limited only by their imagination. So the intention of such leadership vision is to clearly define, through actions and deeds, the difference between management and leadership, to model self-awareness, courage and humility in such a way that others can begin to understand the power of committed curiosity, managed vulnerability and a clear sense of purpose that keep you focus and spark your creativity.

Leadership vision is being great by making positive influence; without affecting anyone in any negative way. Being a leader takes one to have a desire to do better than others in certain domains, to practice thought leadership, while creating themselves a platform of influence in wherever they are. So the vision and intention of becoming a leader are to facilitate and encourage, as change is often an uncomfortable, yet necessary part of reaching and maintaining success.

Leadership vision is to be guiding light: Being a leader means giving people confidence on where to go and how to get there, supporting them and also stretching them to live to their full potential, both individually and as members of a high performing team. To support effectiveness and achievement of final results, to ensure positive and inspiring working culture, to motivate, to be confident and trustworthy working with the people, communication with stakeholders, and transform vision into the reality.

An organizational vision: A leader's vision is coherent with his/her organization's vision. An organization prepared to effectively and efficiently absorb and accept change in all its forms; an organization in which change does not disrupt and interfere with business as usual, an organization for which the ability to evolve, adapt and innovate is business as usual. The intention is to enable a leadership culture at all levels across the organizations.

Leadership is about future, future is full of uncertainty, leadership vision helps navigate through and lead into the future more confidently.


Leadership is about doing the right things

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