Friday, March 6, 2015

How to Avoid those "Worst Pieces of advices" for Agile

Agile is not just a project methodology, but a management philosophy.

There are many good pieces of advice to lead Agile success, however, what are those worst pieces of advice you've ever got for Agile, to cause the project fail:

  • We normally do it this way.

  • Just do it in development, the business doesn't need to know.

  • We don't need creative types in Scrum.

  • Developers are for coding, testing is for finding their mistakes. They should never mix.

  • In Scrum, it is forbidden to write a document.

  • Basically, trying to do anything but be Agile and wonder why it fails.

  • Implement Agile but don't bother with Management, they won't understand nothing!?
Results: no cultural change at the top, big failure

  • Agile will automatically lead to an improvement in your software quality…

  • Focus only on the nearest target.

  • You don't need design documents.

  • If you build it…they will come.

  • Just listen to your users.  

  • Usability testing isn't part of agile.

  • We don't need testers integrated with the development team.

Misunderstanding Agile will cause the project failure. Agile is not lack of discipline but needs to have better engineering and management discipline.


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