Monday, December 21, 2015

CIO’s Digital Agenda XX: Digital IT Performance Management

IT should focus on improving business and enforcing business capabilities.

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How to achieve IT efficiency, effectiveness, agility and improve IT performance is the goal every CIO wants to pursue, however, It is not easy, IT performance needs to well reflect the business value in which IT can contribute both strategically and operationally, to capture both short term gain and long term win, and contribute to the business’s bottom line and top line growth.

Digital IT Performance Management

  • What are Key Practical Steps to Improve IT Performance? What are Key Practical Steps to Improve IT Performance: How to achieve IT efficiency, effectiveness, and agility are the goals every CIO wants to pursue, however, It is not easy because it requires changing the culture and getting the buy-in of the IT resources. Also, in reality, the problem is that quite often productivity metrics is nearly nonexistent in organizations for most of IT functions and monitoring is not an easy task. Though the situation varies, still, there are a couple of key steps can be shared in improving IT performance across vertical sectors.

  • CIO's Four Views of IT KPIs- IT is pervasive in any contemporary enterprise today, however, most of IT organizations still get stuck into lower level maturity, with a reputation as a cost center, IT should work with stakeholders to develop KPIs that show how IT is improving business and enforcing business capabilities. Here are four views of KPIs, from IT cost breakdown to IT Performance quadrant; from PMO measure to business capability metrics.

  • CIO's Dashboard  A well-designed dashboard is an effective management tool to enable business leaders to make a better decision, from IT management perspective; a dashboard should present the topics that you manage. CIOs shall ask yourself what are IT business objectives towards your organizational strategy. Then, translate it to smart KPIs.

  • PMO Metrics and KPIs? KPIs are key elements in driving business performance, but they are often overlooked when measuring accountability and business maturity levels. Besides on-time, on the budget, what KPIs do you think the best measure effectiveness of IT project portfolio management and project management processes to deliver business value?

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