Thursday, December 10, 2015

Three Questions to Assess an Employee’s Dedication

A dedicated mind focuses on thinking, growing or innovating, and their energy flows towards the positive direction.
People are always the most invaluable asset in businesses. “Hiring the right person to the right position at the right time,” is the mantra of many forward-thinking organizations. The question is how would you define the right people? How do you define wrong, average, mediocre, good, great or extraordinary person? Or put simply, for what should they be right? Dedication is one of the professional qualities often being ignored because we live in such a “disruptive” digital age full of signals and noises, accelerated changes and distractions, opportunities and temptations. Dedication is the quality of being dedicated or committed to a task or purpose. But how do you assess an employee’s dedication?

Are you at the career journey in pursuit of Discover, Autonomy, and Mastery? The "work is what you accomplish, not where you go" shift is unstoppable. The future of work will be shaped by changes that take place in the way people relate to themselves and to their experience of their environment and others around them, which will lead to greater autonomy and "self-generated" engagement. A dedicated person is either a high performer or a high potential because he or she has the right attitude to discover and grow, flow the energy toward the positive direction and stay focus. Although the management might not have the wise eyes to discover them because they don't always keep their hands full, but they are more mindful; they do not visit managers' office very often, build social circles or play office politics actively. Dedication has nothing to do with the personality, though, you can be either introvert or extrovert; passionate or cool-headed, but a dedicated one can laser focus on what he or she is doing or want to be. And a dedicated people have the right dose of gravitas which is a mindset with the intention to discover who we are, where we are going to be, whatever the state of awareness we arrive at, there is always a deeper state. We have the opportunity to continue learning and sharing. It’s not about acting, it's about how you can generate a specific energy in yourself to help consciously create the authentic impact you choose. Gravitas is neither defined by external environments nor external pressures but is ultimately defined by the character traits that are refined by these external actions and interactions which make up processor journey. When you concentrate or laser focus, you do feel your energy is converging with nature flow, you are part of nature, and empowered by nature as well.

Can you set the right priority and laser focus on the most important things mattering to you or the organization? The interesting fact about dedicated people is that, sometimes, they might look “careless,” or even “fool,” they forget the little things, or they ignore the trivial details, so the average people or management might misunderstand them or amplify their small defect. But the beauty of dedication is such a prioritization mind, it can focus on the most important tasks, or long term goals, spend time and energy on strategic thinking and value-driven activities, talent with such thinking is not easy to get distracted, or to be over-stressful. It is an important thinking skill for today’s multitasking, multi-devicing digital workforce in a workplace full of distraction, because they are more empowered to apply their knowledge, and gives them accountability for what they choose to work on, how to get it done, and understand the purpose of work, to manage their career from “just a job” mentality to autonomy and mastery.

Do you have superior time management skills? At today’s workplace with the information explosion, shorten knowledge lifecycle, and accelerating speed of changes, with the blended remote and multi-locational working environment, time management is more critical than ever, to differentiate a high potential from a mediocre. Time management is all about choosing to help oneself by being able to put in efforts only after you have prepared self to take and bear risks of meeting and facing challenges, spend time and energy wisely in the most crucial works and tasks. Time management helps in planning well, helps not to regret, to differentiate between falsehood and truth. In addition, the effective time management boosts creativity: It makes you creative oriented, mature and generous enough to share insight and wisdom with others. It makes one bold and shed the fear of failure, lethargic tendency and any inability that prevent from progress. Time is the cure for the sad memory, but it’s the hope for the better tomorrow. A dedicated mind with strong time management skill is more creative to come out with new ideas; more productive to contribute better way to do things; more humble to learn the new skills or build the differentiated capabilities, and have better chance to climb to the top level of Maslow’s pyramid - autonomy, independence, purpose, and mastery.

Dedicated people focus on thinking, growing or innovating, their energy flows forward and make a positive influence on corporate culture and bring the wisdom to the workplace. They are the right type of the people who possess the right mindsets and behaviors necessary to move your business in the direction it needs to go; to help realize the vision and values of the organization, they keep learning, innovating and transforming the business for the long-term prosperity.


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