Tuesday, January 26, 2016

CIO’s Digital Agenda XXXV: The CIO’s Cloud Journey Part I

Cloud is the nature phenomenon and a technology advancement to draw a lot of contemplations. 

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More and more organizations are pushing their cloud envelope and migrate IT applications, platform, or even infrastructure to the cloud, CIOs as IT leaders, what are the holistic cloud strategy you make, the logic steps you should follow, and what’re the pitfalls you need to avoid?


The CIO’s Cloud Journey Part I

  • CIO’s “Cloud Philosophy”: The Preparation and Pitfalls of Cloudification: Moving up to the cloud is neither for cost saving only nor about catching the IT fashion, it is a journey to reinvent IT via modernization, classification, integration, and optimization, it is an opportunity to improve IT agility and increase IT maturity, make well preparation, and avoid potential pitfalls, it is not only the technology advancement, more crucially about management methodology and philosophy.

  • CIO’s Cloud Navigation: Three Big Whys to Deploy Cloudification: Though “Cloud” has been proven to bring visible benefits such as faster delivery or CapEx-OpEx transformation, etc, and many organizations have already reaped the benefit from the SAAS model. Still, as an emerging IT trend, most of organizations lack of well-defined cloud strategy to run an agile IT, especially, Cloud itself takes some time to get matured, from vendor maturity to technology and methodology maturity, as a CIO, how should you navigate the Cloud journey via fundamental questioning: WHY, WHY and WHY you should go on Cloud?

  • What is the Critical Role of IT in the Cloud Era? For so long, IT has been perceived by businesses as an inhibitor to productivity, because it is slow to change and acts as a gatekeeper for businesses to adopt the emerging IT consumerization. With the dawn of the cloud era, the best bet of IT is to understand the various Cloud options (including SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, private, public, hybrid) that deliver self-service, instant productivity to the developers and business units - probably in a DevOps model - so that the business units can get product to market in an expedient fashion.
  • The Inflection Point to Cloud?  The transition to cloud solutions is inevitable. We're hitting an inflection point where businesses are moving from traditional industrial IT environments to digital cloud-based environments. But how can IT leaders embrace the opportunity and prepare for such challenges?

  • CapEx  vs. OpEx More and more IT organizations are pushing up their Cloud envelope though Cloud Computing still takes the time to get matured and it doesn't necessarily equate to faster software development or better quality of software. Still, there are some significant advantages such as the ability to scale up or down as demand waxes and wanes, global availability and transforming from CapEx. To Opex., etc.

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