Thursday, January 21, 2016

Three Questions to Assess an Employee’s Brightness

People with true brightness brighten the surroundings and the world.

The majority of us like brightness and fear darkness, because the brightness reminds us of the sunshine, love, and optimism. In our data-driven modern society, can we qualify and quantify brightness? When we compliment someone bright, does it more refer to physical healthiness, intellectual smartness, or spiritual maturity? Do extroverts look brighter than introverts because it seems they are more visible, talkative, more prone to action than contemplation, and generally show warm interest in their surroundings? What are the good questions to assess an employee’s brightness? And what kind of brightness can truly brighten our surrounding and even the world?

Which color is your Aura? The Aura is the energy bag that surrounds the whole body of the individual, and it is the seat of all emotions. We feel we create a kind of vibration around us. That enthusiasm, energy, optimism, and love oozes out our bodies. It’s starting point of experience is from within. There is a natural aura of Nature abundantly outside for all of us, we, however, can experience it, only if we really feel so, have such a touch within us. There is also another aspect of the auric field: the COLOR. The thought forms being given out by a personality are reflected in shapes and colors and that is all within their aura as well. People who can see auras can sense a person's nature or where they are coming from by the colors surrounding them. Your self-confidence, character, bravery, commitment, and determination etc, all form as an aura around you when you strongly believe in your strengths. The more worry about our weaknesses turns as a negative aura! Therefore, the bright people are often more optimistic and confident with a positive mentality. Optimism is an outward view to see the bright side of the things; while positive is an internal mental attitude to achieve a better result. When we find calm inside, we sense the aura outside too.

Imagine if you were a magnet, what kind of people would you attract to? The best and brightest, or the opposite? Do you just look bright, or you often think the bright side as well? Are you always open minded or often hold some dark thoughts with hidden agenda? Can you always brighten the surroundings, because of your positive emotions and optimistic attitude? Or dim down the working environment because of too much shadow in the mind or let negative emotions such as envy, hatred, greed, self-indulgence, selfishness, back-biting, rumor-mongering flow around. “Being bright” is the view look for the best, come with a positive mentality, your behavior, the way you showcase your attitude and mood others to put on their thinking cap. Being positive is within yourself, reflects your personality, thought process put into action. People with great auras can attract others to them since most have wisdom, power and love exuding from their energetic bodies.

Intellectually, is your brightness based on smartness, intelligence or wisdom? Perhaps the first impression of the “brightness” is based on the outlook of “cleverness,”  but the long-lasting brightness is based on multidimensional intelligence and profound wisdom. Just like the brightest colors are not always flashy, the brightest person is not always the most visible one as well. The bright people often have a growth mind to keep their energy flowing toward the upward direction. and a brighter mind is more inclusive and magnetic to attract even “polar opposite” viewpoint as every wise thought always has opposite thought not less wise. A brighter person may not always be “outgoing,” a truly bright mind is equipped with wisdom, and wisdom is driven by a central logic that can be considered value judgment, intellectual maturity, universal love, thoughtfulness - considers consequences of one’s actions in regards to others. So the brightness is indeed delightful!

The bright people with the positive mindset can brighten the surroundings and become the change agent to overcome the shadows in people’s minds, build the culture of learning and innovation. The long-lasting brightness needs to be charged with knowledge, intelligence, and wisdom, and wisdom comes from the experience of intelligence whether it be exterior or interior. People with true brightness brighten the world.


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