Friday, January 1, 2016

Is Creativity an Addiction or a Phenomenon?

True creativity has an inner origin. It keeps surfacing from within and keeps expressing.

Creativity is an innate ability to create novel ideas. Creativity has many dimensions, with multi-faceted truth and myth, and manifold knowledge. Creativity is infused with an inner cohesion and comes from a vision of uniqueness. So can creativity be taught, is creativity nature or nurtured? And is creativity an addiction or a phenomenon?

Creativity is addictive because it's a kind of a flow - not the repetitive patterns to do the same old things. It could also be a desperate need or habitual actions to keep doing something new. You create one thing; you are on the lookout for creating another; you do become restless if you are not able to, This restlessness to create is a sign of addiction. Creativity comes from dissatisfaction with the existing scenario and understanding the requirement as well as zeal to create or  improve the things.

Creativity is fresh and new every time. The negative connotation about addiction is when you want to repeat the old pattern and seek comfort. You avoid " new.” Because it gives uncertainty and insecurity with new and change. Creativity loves the challenge, the courage to see the new; creativity is fresh and new every time. It does not fear. It has that emotional or affective strength to trust the process of creativity. Engaging in creativity inevitably creates tension, conflict, and emotionally charged debates and disagreements because we need both control and predictability, creativity and change. Creativity needs encouragement as the spirit of food, and conflict to spark it. Conflict makes the mind think differently leading to creativity. The combination of good chemical balance is reinforced, because it does not go for repeating due to helplessness but due to fun and the joy of life.

The creativity is instinctive which keeps changing with dynamism. Another thing could be, Addictive people run from boredom, so that is why they tend to seek variety. Creative people always look for new challenges. They don’t create out of boredom. They overcome the boredness, and sometimes creativity is to retune the known things into the new ideas. 
Creativity is internal and instinctive. 
Creativity is a passion for some on an artistic level. Creativity is a passion for some who are inquisitive and want to explore new possibilities.
Creativity is a solution to a problem. 
Creativity is to find better ways to do things. Creativity is the discovery of what has not yet been seen nor manifested. 
Creativity is not an addiction. It is a beautiful phenomenon…
Creativity is both nature and nurtured. 
Creativity can not be taught completely, but definitely, it takes practice and practice to make one’s mind more creative.

True creativity has an inner origin. It keeps surfacing from within and keeps expressing. It means that creativity needs a problem to solve, and a creative mind needs a purpose. Creativity a is a phenomenon, creativity is all around us, we just need to get connected with it. So being addictive to creativity is perhaps not a so bad as a New Year’s resolution.


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