Sunday, January 10, 2016

Well Wish or Criticism: Which Contributes More to your Success?

Both honest well-wishers and constructive critics can be motivators depending upon the real world scenario.

One who criticizes is a critic. Constructive criticism is the criticism or advice that is useful and intended to help or improve something, often with an offer of possible solutions. But destructive criticism is often performed with the intention to harm, shame, derogate and destroy someone's creation, prestige, reputation, and self-esteem. So during your journey of professional development or beyond, how do you deal with different opinions and attitudes, and well-wishers or critic: who is more important to your success?

Constructive critics are like a mirror: It not only shows our lacuna but also gives an alert of forthcoming challenges we are facing. It is also important to know what context are we using the term "critic,” the constructive criticisms such as good advice or timely feedbacks is crucial to our professional advancement. Even the right dose of shame effect might stimulate one’s energy to innovate and improve. Not to have critics might make your path easy, but you might not be able to explore your true potential. However, pay more attention to those destructive criticisms with negative intentions, and applying wisdom to handle them in a positive and intelligent way.

Both honest well-wishers and constructive critics can be motivators depending upon the real world scenario: It is how you manage criticism and keep moving forward is the mantra of success. In this path to accelerate progress, it’s the time when your well-wishers turn out to be "well" sponsors, and critics your best ally. And it is also the world where success is a result of support from those who are able to check - WIIIFM... “What is In It For Me.” One who is able to sustain the undesirable situations, conflicts, oppositions and is able to make one's way would succeed in his/her endeavor.

Criticism from a "Competent and genuine critic" is really good for further improvement. One must be capable of imbibing such real criticism. A talented critic who is also a well-wisher will do great to help us be humbled and confident, and be warm-up and be cool down. If there are only well-wishers, they could be blind followers or flatterers too..Well-wishers & constructive critics at the same time are most likely your friends. And you need to stay away from those who are jealous of your potential success, or simply just release negative energy around you. The belief of what you do and perseverance makes things happen, or your wish comes true. No one knows better than you.

The constructive criticism and honest well-wishes provide you excellent advice or feedback. The criticism with positive intention is that it calls to make a person much more self-aware and can fuel professional progress and personal growth. Treat their feedback as information and perception, but you have the choice what story you put into it. The excellent feedback gives you accurate information to improve; great questions to self-aware; and keen insight to help you grow and mature.


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